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  • How to Keep Your Sensitive information Secure

    Even non-profits have cybersecurity needs, they often know who is in need and they need to keep their information safe.

  • How to make a jobs related (CDL Jobs) Facebook Page

    Facebook is one of the best way to sell things or services or drive visitors to your blog/website. If you are a recruiting agency, you can make a jobs related Facebook Page and publish your existing jobs and news in the page. If you have cdl driver jobs information to be published for the Facebook visitors, make a page with a similar name such as Trucking Jobs, CDL Jobs, cdl based delivery jobs and so on. Here are the steps that you have to follow, Make a Facebook Profile Now, at the top middle are you can see 'create' button. Click on 'create' and then click on 'page' Enter page name such as CDL Jobs, Trucking Jobs. Fill the existing spaces with suitable details and create a page. Now publish your contents.  

  • How to Make a Blog Spot Blog

    Blog Spot is one of the biggest and pioneer free blog hosting company on the internet. You can make a free blog using this service. Let us think that you need to start a free blog about, local truck and driving jobs . Here are steps how to make a free blog. 1) Create a free blog spot account 2) Sign-in to your account 3) Click on create a new blog tab 4) Then you can see a blank form. Fill the blank spaces. Put a desired title such as " Local CDL Truck and Driving Jobs in USA ". 5) Type desired blog address such as 6) Choose a them. 7) Press on create blog tab. 8) Now, your new blog has been created. Add post to your blog. For that click on 'New Post' tab. 9) Enter 'title', 'description' and press enter. Continue adding new posts.

  • How to Increase Donations Through Your Campaign Website

    Digital campaigns are commonly under utilized to gain volunteers and donors 

  • Legal advice and assistance

    Sources of legal advice and assistance for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

  • How to Manage a Student Loan as an Intern

    The reality of interning while attending school with a student loan is not easy. At the same time, it is a perfect opportunity to use your talent or education learned in University to earn an income and pay off unwanted debt. Don’t let the unpaid internship experience hold you back from making your payment on time. Here are helpful tips to grow  

  • Choosing an Influencer to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

    If you are a small company that never worked with social media influencers here is a walk-trough that might help you understand what you need to do.

  • Responding to suicidal callers

    Helplines have an important part to play in suicide prevention. There's almost nothing more challenging for Helpline Services than responding to suicidal calls. Whatever client group your organisation supports, it's likely your call handlers deal with some suicidal calls.

  • Safeguarding for Helplines

    Are you confident about what safeguarding means in the context of a helpline and how to make sure you have robust safeguarding measures in place?


    Does your service offer email, text or webchat on your helpline or are you considering introducing it?

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