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  • How to Hire, Organise, and Keep Your Volunteers Happy

    Working with volunteers is at the same time very rewarding, and very challenging. Here is my take on how best to figure out a way to work together to everyone's benefit and satisfaction. 

  • How to set up a volunteering programme

    If you haven’t involved volunteers in your organisation before or are thinking about starting a volunteer programme or project this guide aims to covers some of the key things you need to think about.

  • How to set up employer supported volunteering as a charity

    Employer supported volunteering (ESV) has primarily been seen as private sector businesses setting up programmes to support their employees in volunteering for charity organisations. The arrangement is usually mutually beneficial for all parties: the employer, the employees who volunteer and the charity they volunteer for. The how-to guide on setting up an employer supported volunteering programme as an employer covers the key things any type of organisation should consider – this guide covers the additional points to consider as a charity organisation thinking of setting up an employer supported volunteering programme for your employees.

  • How to retain your volunteers

    The volunteers in your organisation are invaluable, and you wouldn’t be able to do what you do without them. Follow these tips keep them onside.

  • Your team

    People and relationships are at the heart of voluntary and community organisations. A key part of an organisation's effectiveness is the management and skill development of its staff and volunteers.

  • Accrediting volunteer learning

    How to acknowledge volunteers' training and experience more formally through a qualification or accreditation.

  • Starting a local resilience organisation

    How we started a local resilience organisation called Snow Angels - a winter-time 'emergency squad' for our local neighbourhood. How we got 120 volunteers in a few weeks and the technology we set up to make it highly responsive.

  • Before you recruit volunteers

    What you should do before recruiting volunteers.

  • Get the perfect volunteer - creating volunteer roles

  • Volunteers and the law

    Guidance to help you understand your legal rights and obligations when managing volunteers

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