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  • Risk assessment toolkit

    Whether you are a chief executive or a team leader, this free toolkit will help you identify potential risks to your organisation. Based on your answers to the self-assessment questions, the toolkit will highlight areas where you may have weaknesses and provide practical advice on getting to grips with the problem.

  • Managing risk

    Identifying and managing risk is a key charity or non profit board responsibility.

  • Tools and techniques for managing change

    A range of techniques that can help you to understand, plan, communicate and manage change.

  • How to manage risk

    Risk management is the process of identifying, evaluating and controlling risks. The aim is not to eliminate all risks entirely (this would be very difficult and not cost effective), but rather to reduce the risk to a level that the charity is comfortable with (the risk appetite). These seven steps are a tried-and-tested risk management process. It’s best to work through them with a group of people, including trustees and staff who understand the organisation well. Risk register template for NCVO members NCVO members can download a risk register template in the tools and resources section .

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