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  • How to make an impact in the House of Lords

    The Lords often look to the charity sector for evidence and policy solutions and it’s important that we know and understand how the upper chamber operates to make the most of this. There were a number of insightful points:

  • How to campaign at festivals

    More and more UK charities are using festivals to raise awareness of their latest campaigns. Festivals can offer a cheap and exciting way of engaging people in your latest initiative. The friendly vibe that flows through festivals lends itself perfectly to festival goers signing pledges and participating in fun, small actions. Here's some ideas to get you started.

  • How to guide to local campaigning

    This guide provide information and advice on how to make the best impact from your local campaign.

  • How to influence locally

    It's easy to dismiss campaigning as a luxury, when voluntary organisations all over the country are facing increased demand on their services and increased pressures on funding and staff time. And sometimes it’s true that launching a big-scale attack is not the best strategy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still motivate change. For some, campaigning and influencing might seem irrelevant, opaque or hopeless. But small charities can be successful influencers, and with a bit of know-how you can make a big difference.

  • How to engage with local candidates during an election campaign

    Elections can provide excellent opportunities to engage with politicians at a local level, but making sure you engage across party lines in an effective way can be challenging over a short period. For those wondering where to start, here are some tips.

  • How to influence commissioning decisions (if you're a charity)

    How charities can influence decisions about the commissioning of local public services. You can also find out more about how commissioning works .

  • How to write a policy briefing

    Policy briefings are short documents that communicate an organisation's policy recommendations. They are usually written for a non-specialist audience.

  • How to engage with parliamentary candidates

    A lot of charities target sitting MPs in many of their campaigning efforts. However it’s also important to engage prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs), particularly before an election. Parliamentary candidates could replace current MPs, especially in marginal seats. Engaging PPCs from all sides of the political spectrum when appropriate can demonstrate that you are complying with charity law, the Charity Commission guidance, and the Lobbying Act requiring charities to remain politically neutral. It also ensures that your organisation’s voice is heard, no matter who is in Government. Here are some tips on how to engage PPCs effectively:

  • How to run effective campaigns

    A step-by-step guide to planning and running an effective campaign.

  • How to campaign: essentials of charity campaigning

    Whether you call it voice, influencing or advocacy, campaigning is an essential part of charities' work. All trustees should consider campaigning if it can effectively further their organisation's charitable objectives. This course gives you an insight into campaigning, helping you to create your strategy, evaluate your campaign and ensure you always work within the required legal framework.

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