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  • Cultural commissioning

    Information for arts and cultural organisations wanting to engage in public service commissioning. Also for public service commissioners wishing to use arts and cultural providers to secure better outcomes. Produced as part of the Cultural Commissioning Programme.

  • How to ensure a five star public sector commissioning process

    This is a commissioning checklist for commissioners, to help you engage successfully with voluntary organisations throughout the commissioning process.

  • How to understand commissioning

    The easiest way to understand commissioning is always to think upon it as a decision making process. You need to understand what your problem is and then work out and put in place the best way address it within your available resources. This is the role of a commissioner - often a specific job within a statutory commissioning body.    The commissioning process works in five steps. They aren't always clearly distinguished from one another, and commissioners may carry them out over different time periods.   These steps are:  

  • How to influence commissioning decisions (if you're a charity)

    How charities can influence decisions about the commissioning of local public services. You can also find out more about how commissioning works .

  • Cultural commissioning in practice

    Information and resources to support the practical side of cultural commissioning

  • How to win bids

    Much to my own surprise in the last year I've helped Wheels for Wellbeing (where I'm Chair of Trustees) win roughly £600k in two grant bids. It's made me realise there's some tricks to this that anyone can muster. I know every experience is different however so I would love it if you would add or edit the guide to include your own learnings. Just be patient, methodical, and expect it'll take you several more evenings and weekends than you'd like. Go in whole-heartedly, certain that you can use this money to make a difference.

  • How to be better at negotiating contracts

    Bidding for contracts can be challenging and take up a lot of staff and trustee time and energy. Even when you are selected as the preferred bidder you still have the hurdle of negotiating the contract and getting the best terms for your organisation. This ‘How-To’ provides a useful checklist for the negotiation process.

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