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  • How to create better digital services in your organisation

    Charities are making good progress in using digital for fundraising and communications, but using digital to improve and extend our services is much slower. That’s because good digital service design is difficult, and our sector often lacks room or resource to explore and test new approaches. It’s also common practice for charities to start with a solution in mind before thoroughly investigating the problem, with few new digital products or services based on direct user insight. This is a huge issue, because it leads to the creation of services that might look great but fail to respond to real needs and behaviours - so a lot of their value is lost. But you don’t have to work it out all for yourself. A collection of nonprofits have developed a set of digital design principles that reflect the needs, language and practice of the UK charity sector. They help show what ‘good’ looks like and enable organisations to ‘build the right thing in the right way’ . Here are two common scenarios to help guide your approach to digital service design:

  • How To Create A Great Personalised Fundraising Video

    Personalised fundraising videos can take your pitching ability to the next level. In this blog post Accordium shares their advice on creating personalised fundraising videos.

  • How to get donations on nonprofit and charity websites

    In years past, charitable and other non-profit organisations had pretty specific methods of soliciting donations. Many organisations were, and still are, able to obtain free TV and radio time, because those media outlets could use that donated time to reduce their tax liabilities and to perform a certain amount of 'public service' time, as required. Organisations held fund-raising events at the local level, publicised them as much as possible, and hoped to get enough participants and donations to make those events worth the time, effort, and cost. Such organisations have also held fund-raising drives by regular mail, soliciting donations which could be sent back in a pre-addressed envelope. Some even continue to have door-to-door campaigns.

  • How to Host the Ultimate Sit-Down Dinner for Raising Funds

    If you are looking to host a fundraising dinner, here is what you need to know. 

  • How to create impact and evaluation videos

    When giving positive feedback to your stakeholders, one key media is video. By using impact and evaluation videos, your nonprofit  or social business can easily report what’s happening on the ground. And demonstrate the impact the donations, investments and contributions are having.

  • How to thank your supporters

    As a charity, your supporters are essential – so making sure they know how much you appreciate their donations is key to maintaining your relationships with them. This guide looks at ways to thank your supporters effectively.  

  • How to Avoid Writing Off Bad Business Debts

    Bad debt is credit, owed by a debtor that is likely to be unpaid. It can be due to a debtor going bankrupt, or their business going into liquidation. Since the debt cannot be recovered, it is meaningless to put it in the books of account. Sometimes, pursuing the debt may prove to be costlier than the debt itself. If this happens, you write it off as a business expense. Bad debts are the worry of many businesses. In the business world, customers always request to pay for services by direct debit or standing order. 

  • How to run a charity raffle

    Raffles are a great way to raise additional income for your charity or cause, and thousands upon thousands of organisations already run raffles, making millions for good causes in the UK every year. In fact 21% of all UK donors bought raffle tickets in 2014. Here are some things to think about before you get started.

  • How to choose a recycling scheme

    Raising funds through recycling is a simple way to gain unrestricted income for your organisation. There are lots of different methods and hundreds of schemes to choose from which can be quite daunting. How do you work out which is likely to give you the best return and the best customer experience? Should you try lots of different types of recycling or stick to just one? Here are some tips to get you started.

  • How to maximise regular donations for small charities

    If you work for a small charity, you will know that trying to gain committed donors can be hard. Here we'll look at some solutions to this problem and explore ways of maximising regular donations as a source of income.

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