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  • Essential actions of a chief executive

    Four activities that must be done by the chief executive of an organisation.

  • How to Give a Presentation to Senior Managers

    Presenting projects to senior managers gives project managers a chance to show their talent, ability and dedication. It’s a difficult and stressful task, since you are doing it for influential people in your organisation who hold important positions and make key project decisions. Obviously, the pressure is high on you to do it well because a presentation well done can pave the way to future career success.  

  • Successful leadership

    Guidance on the meaning of leadership and what leaders need to do, as well as advice from leadership gurus on what makes a successful leader.

  • Tips for chief executives in difficult times

    Suggestions for what CEOs and senior managers should be doing during turbulent times.

  • How to chair a trustee meeting

    Are you a trustee nervous about running your first trustee meeting? Don’t worry! Whilst every chair operates differently, here are some guidelines and common practices for each step of a standard meeting.

  • The chief executive's relationship with trustees

    About the relationship between the chief executive and the trustees.

  • Roles on the board

    From a chair to a treasurer, we explore the roles on a trustee board and the possible duties to be undertaken.

  • Appraising the CEO: 360⁰ profiling

    An introduction to 360⁰ profiling of the chief executive or senior management team and instructions on how to do it.

  • A chief executive's first 100 days

    Tips for new chief executives to help them manage their new role.

  • The chief executive as coach

    How a chief executive can coach colleagues through problems or issues they are facing.

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