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  • How to Harry Potterise your internet and direct mail appeals... and get donors giving when times are tough

    What do high performing fundraising appeals and Harry Potter have in common? And in both cases, what makes donors give and readers buy even when they’re going through a rough financial patch? The answer? Reader-hooking commercial creative writing principles. Harry Potterise your appeals by using the following commercial writing principles.

  • How to submit an entry for an award (and why you should)

    Winning or even being shortlisted for an award can have a significant effect on your funding. By generating an increased positive public profile for your charity or cause, you can create a positive impact on donations and funds. Awards are a great way of building your charity’s brand for both small and large organisations. If an award enables your charity to carry out even more important work, then submitting and entry is well worth the effort.

  • How to plan for the end of a funding programme

    As the end of the Fair Share Trust programme nears, Local Agents and panels are starting to evaluate the outcomes and impact of their work in FST areas.  Due to the way the Fair Share Trust was set up, the programme finished in Scotland in 2010, and learning from Scottish Community Foundation (SCF), the Local Agent, will be invaluable to other Local Agents as they start evaluation of both the impact on local projects and the management of the programme.  This How To looks at SCF’s experience of managing FST in Scotland and explores some key learning points which other Local Agents, funders and strategic programme developers might find useful.

  • How to support the sustainability of funded projects

    For Fair Share Trust, ensuring funded projects create a positive lasting impact has to be foremost in the minds of Local Agents. For local projects which have benefited from Fair Share Trust funding, it can often be a case of trying to survive. But is continuation funding always really essential and is it possible to achieve sustainability simply by creating the impact? This how-to looks the different componets of achieving sustanability and creating a lasting impact on your area.

  • How to create impact and evaluation videos

    When giving positive feedback to your stakeholders, one key media is video. By using impact and evaluation videos, your nonprofit  or social business can easily report what’s happening on the ground. And demonstrate the impact the donations, investments and contributions are having.

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