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  • Working for a charity

    Whether you’ve just graduated from university, you have an established career in another sector, or are returning to work after a period out, this course gives you an overview of the voluntary sector and a better understanding of the roles available. It also helps you work out what might suit your needs and skills and how to find your ideal charity job.

  • How to sell yourself with your CV

    Everyone needs an effective CV. After all, its the first impression we give of ourselves to prospective employers. If it doesn't stand out there is a chance that it won't even be long listed despite you being able to do the job standing on your head. The following tips can be used to enhance your CV so that you'll stand out from the crowd and get the job you really want.

  • How to write a compelling job application

    When applying for a job, it’s crucial to make your application stand out from the crowd.  The best applications we see are those that clearly and concisely bring to light the applicant’s experience within the context of the role they are seeking.  This grabs employers’ attention and makes them want to learn more.  Here are our top tips on ensuring your job application makes a positive impact.

  • Employer-supported volunteering

    Volunteering while employed: the pros and cons for employers and employees.

  • A volunteer's perspective

    With 20 years' experience of volunteering under her belt, Val Howard shares her insights into effective volunteer management.

  • How to develop yourself - with no budget!

    Training budgets are limited - or non existent now - so how can you develop yourself in the current climate?  Take charge by assessing your development needs and identifying ways to address those gaps!   There are also fewer opportunities to move job so it’s important to seek out and take up all opportunities to develop in your current role and help you be ready for your next one.  

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