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  • How to survive the recession - alternatives to redundancy

    Few voluntary and community organisations will escape the effects of the current economic downturn unscathed. We can all expect to tighten our belts, with voluntary giving affected and statutory funding at risk.  It is not surprising that the first cost-cutting option that may be considered is to make redundancies. This may indeed be the most appropriate course of action, but it makes sense to review other possible options.  This how-to guide outlines:  the case for considering alternatives to redundancy, where possible;  the range of alternatives you might consider;  where you can find out about the correct procedures if you do need to  make redundancies;  sources of further information.

  • How to write a great job ad

    This how-to offers some advice on how to write effective job advertisements to attract great staff to your charity.

  • Rewarding people equally

    Find out how to maintain morale and motivation by treating everyone fairly at work.

  • Improving staff loyalty

    How to build and increase staff loyalty with clear values, consultation and policies on equal treatment.

  • How to go back to work after maternity leave

    You've been away from the office for a few months to take care of your baby. Processes and staff might have changed in the office, and you have changed. Here are some tips. Some tips might also apply to people who have been raising children and want to go back to work.

  • How to ensure your workplace is all the rage

    Is your workplace happy and productive? Are staff appreciated, motivated and challenged and not feeling pressured or exploited? If the answers are ‘yes!’, here are six easy ways you can generate tension and anger among staff, create an unhappy workplace, and ultimately reduce productivity. Or not.

  • How to recruit to executive level posts

    Executive level posts are often challenging to recruit to.  They don’t have to be; proper preparation and a well planned, thought-through recruitment process will help increase your odds of a successful appointment.  We hope these steps will give you clarity and confidence around best practice for recruiting those at the helm of your organisation.

  • How to hot desk

    Your organisation might start hot desking for various reasons: culture change, building refurbishment, budget costs or improve flexible working. Hot desking is an organisation system where multiple employees are sharing a work station. For example, there are 100 staff for 80 desks. If this is familiar to you, share your experience by editing this article.

  • Charity and non profit CV template

    How to stucture and format your CV for a non profit or charity job.

  • How to demotivate, demoralise and disempower your team

    It is a pretty well-established fact that when it comes to keeping people enthusiastic, money is surprisingly far down the list of effective motivators! Which is good news for the non-profit sector, since we don’t always have a lot of it to throw around... Fat salaries and bonuses may improve people’s quality of life outside work, but they certainly won’t improve quality of life inside work. To keep people loyal, committed and performing to the best of their ability, we need to ensure that they are kept engaged and empowered. But there are still plenty of managers, if not organisations, out there that seem determined to minimise the effectiveness of their team.  So if you really want your staff and volunteers to be demotivated, demoralised and disempowered, then here is how to go about it...

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