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  • Health and safety policies

    An overview of the health and safety obligations towards employees and others who you work with.

  • Volunteer policies

    Why you need a volunteer policy and links to resources to help you develop one.

  • Taking decisions and getting work done

    Agreeing on who has the right to make which decisions in your non profit organisation and how exactly the decisions should be made.

  • An introduction to governance

    Governance is the systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation.

  • Introduction to legal forms

    Legal form means the type of structure an organisation is in the eyes of the law. There are various legal forms available but not all will be suitable.

  • Becoming a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)

    The Trust for the Study of Homicide shares with us their difficulties and success in the process of becoming a charitable incorporated organisation.

  • How to engage with local candidates during an election campaign

    Elections can provide excellent opportunities to engage with politicians at a local level, but making sure you engage across party lines in an effective way can be challenging over a short period. For those wondering where to start, here are some tips.

  • How to deal with a legal problem

    Here is some general guidance from LawWorks for your organisation for when a potential legal problem arises.  

  • Compliance checklist

    As a charity or voluntary organisation, make sure you know about the legislation and regulation that applies to you and how to ensure compliance.

  • Charity law

    The legal obligations of charities under the Charities Acts and the Companies Acts

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