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  • How to use technology to manage your time

    The purpose of founding a nonprofit is to create a business model that helps people in need. But it can be difficult to focus on your core mission when you are bogged down with administrative and operational tasks. How do you ensure that your main focus is on tasks that are critical to your mission? Online productivity apps and tools can help you to delegate and automate many of your operational tasks, such as accounting, communications, scheduling etc. This is a step-by-step guide to using apps to make your daily tasks easier. 

  • How to get into the Voluntary Sector

    Do you have aspirations to work in the voluntary sector? Getting on the ladder can be challenging, however with a step in the right direction and experience under your belt, it can be done. So if you're keen to make a difference, what can you do to make it happen?    There's a wealth of different paths into the voluntary sector. Here, I share my own which started with gaining teaching experience abroad.

  • Time management

    Ideas and techniques for improving your time management skills.

  • How to Find Business Writing Training Courses for Entrepreneurs

    Business writing, also known as professional writing and business communication, is the composition of materials such as reports, emails, memorandums, proposals, and other text that needs to be disseminated within your company. This type of content is essential in bringing about proper communication within the web of employees that keep your company together. As an entrepreneur, your most valuable resource is your employees. In order to take care of them properly and keep them in line, they need to be updated about every aspect of the company on a regular basis. Once you learn how to compose proper business writing material, you will find that your company will start to function better and more efficiently .  

  • A chief executive's first 100 days

    Tips for new chief executives to help them manage their new role.

  • How to build the ultimate skillset for your future job through volunteering

    Volunteering is more than acts of kindness. Charity job encourages your self-development, providing the opportunity to become a specialist and build the necessary skillset for your future job. Whether nonprofit or not, employers will consider your voluntary experience a great virtue: they understand what well-grounded knowledge and skills it can give to building your personality. According to SEEK Volunteer Manager Amanda Robinson , "the skills developed through volunteering are being valued by employers." She believes that volunteering also "enables to explore your passions." So, how to build the ultimate skillset for your future job by volunteering?

  • Career development

    In order to move upwards and progress in your career, you need to work out your strengths, goals and career aspirations.

  • How much training to give volunteers?

    Providing opportunities and managing risks, it is important to strike the appropriate balance.

  • How to motivate employees through succession planning

    Identifying and developing future management candidates – succession planning or talent management – was recently identified as one of the top three HR issues for the immediate future. Given the current economic climate, it’s vital that organisations are not only as high-performing as possible, but also that they are prepared for the years ahead. Not only does succession planning lead to improved and cost-effective job filling for key positions and retention of key staff (and therefore of organisation-specific knowledge, experience, skills and values) – it also provides motivation and incentive for employees and helps foster a culture of internal promotion, development and career opportunities.

  • Essential leadership skills

    Excel in your role as a leader with this four-part online training course. Learn how to build trust, nurture enthusiasm, inspire loyalty and optimise teamwork. Master the art of decision making and change leadership in tough times.

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