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  • How to Build Leadership Skills

    Leadership is an elusive quality that evades even some of the most educated, powerful, and charismatic among us. Teaching leadership skills isn’t as simple as teaching math, science, or grammar, and developing leadership skills can’t be done in the same way as cramming for a test. There are, however, key habits that allow individuals to develop the mindset a leader needs. Here are three of those habits that might just surprise you.

  • How to Develop Better Nonprofit Leadership - 5 Skills Every Leader should Possess

    The nonprofit industry, like all others in the wake of the digital revolution, is evolving rapidly. Skills and innate traits that nonprofit leaders used to possess might still be relevant, but they are not what the board is looking for. Nowadays, it’s all about being an inspiring figure by nature, and a born business man. After all, you should look at a nonprofit as you would any company in need of various types of resources , a steady influx of clients, and a compelling brand identity. Its leader, naturally, should be the person that will help the organization meet its goals, grow over time , and pave the road to a successful future. Here are the five skills every nonprofit leader should possess in the modern marketplace.  

  • What is leadership?

    A definition of leadership and an explanation of what makes it different from management.

  • How to Create Better Non-Profit Leadership Teams

    Managing a non-profit organization is not easy, especially if it keeps growing in size. That is why many CEOs decide to build an executive team. Still, building a dedicated board is not an easy task. The Bridgespan Group recently did a comprehensive research study and found that most non-profits struggle with their leadership teams’ performance. The majority of board members, on the other hand, believe that CEOs don’t address dynamics and performance challenges within the team properly. How to address these issues effectively and build solid leadership teams? Let’s find out!

  • How to manage your first team

    Many new managers are thrown in at the deep end with little guidance on what kind of approach to take, and what tools are available. This guide helps you prepare to build and manage a motivated, high-performing team, without having to learn from too many mistakes on the way.

  • What is a trustee?

    What is a trustee, what are the main duties and roles and who can be a trustee.

  • The chief executive and the top team

    The chief executive's role in developing a strong top team.

  • The chief executive as coach

    How a chief executive can coach colleagues through problems or issues they are facing.

  • A framework of leadership for the chief executive

    A model for thinking about the leadership role of an organisation's chief executive.

  • The chief executive's job

    Guidance for chief executives on how to best fulfill their role as a leader of an organisation.

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