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  • What is leadership?

    A definition of leadership and an explanation of what makes it different from management.

  • How to Create Better Non-Profit Leadership Teams

    Managing a non-profit organization is not easy, especially if it keeps growing in size. That is why many CEOs decide to build an executive team. Still, building a dedicated board is not an easy task. The Bridgespan Group recently did a comprehensive research study and found that most non-profits struggle with their leadership teams’ performance. The majority of board members, on the other hand, believe that CEOs don’t address dynamics and performance challenges within the team properly. How to address these issues effectively and build solid leadership teams? Let’s find out!

  • The chief executive and the top team

    The chief executive's role in developing a strong top team.

  • Team roles

    Who takes what role in your team and what can you learn from this?

  • How to hire an interim manager

    Interim managers are independent business leaders or project managers who work in a range of disciplines and sectors. They are experts in their field; high-level performers with a track record of achievement. Years ago, it was mainly through force of circumstance that this resource existed but today, things are different. Changing lifestyle patterns, the support of new technologies and the desire for people to be their own boss are fuelling the supply side of this rapidly growing sector. Many talented people want to live their professional lives in this way and there are around 20,000 interims in the UK available for work. 

  • 4-in-1 Managers' training pack

    Whether you’re a CEO, seasoned manager or looking for the next step up – this 4-in-1 managers’ training pack is for you. With more than 2 hours of video content with additional learning materials included, the courses cover everything from planning, implementing and evaluating your team’s work for the first time to improving your organisation’s effectiveness and competitiveness in this tough economic climate.

  • Management styles

    How approaches to management impact staff.

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