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  • Getting started with the media

    A basic introduction covering what journalists are looking for, timings, the elements of a good news story and tips for writing strong press releases.

  • Improving marketing and sales

    Voluntary Action Sheffield improved its marketing and sales to become more sustainable and better able to meet the needs of its clients.

  • How to Start Marketing Campaign for Non-profit Organization

    You might think that marketing a non-profit is very similar to marketing for a profit. And to an extent you’d be right. After all, both types of companies are trying to attract attention and market their product. If you didn’t look beyond that, however, you’d be missing out on one of the most valuable assets you’ve got as a non-profit. What’s that, I hear you ask? It’s that you’re motivated by a far more likable quality. All for profits, at their core, are about making money. Sure, they might go about it differently, but at the end of the day their investors expect to get returns. A non-profit isn’t like that. There the quality is far more other-serving. And this should be a vital element in your marketing campaign. You’ve got a story. You should use that.

  • How to Get New Customers for Your Business by the Means of SMM

    Social media is the great equalizer. Anyone can set up a page/account and post their opinions, their milestones, photos, etc. (with some restrictions, of course). The same is true for businesses. They can set up accounts/pages on social media whether they are brand-new startups looking for their first customers or a huge corporation like Coca-Cola. And using social media for marketing is a method of tapping into a large marketplace of potential customers if it is done right. Doing it right involves eight steps.

  • How to make the king (content) work for your charity

    Content is still king when it comes to a marketing strategy. Killer content sells. It is an effective marketing strategy organisations can use to reach their target audience. Here are some content creation tips you can use to write killer content.

  • How to Write Attention-Grabbing Content for Your Business’s Content Marketing Strategy

    Attention grabbing content is imperative if you want to grow your business. In today’s world, you not only have to produce content but it has to be great. This is how you generate traffic for your website and convert readers into customers. It’s way harder than it seems. You have to think of what you want to talk about, to whom you’re talking to, and how it’s the best way to deliver your message. That'll define the voice of your business and set yourself apart from your competitors. In this article, you’ll learn how to produce this content better and why it’s crucial for your success.

  • How to write a brilliant press release

    Your press release is just one of hundreds received by journalists every day. Give yourself the best possible chance of getting your news out by following these 10 tips.  

  • How to generate news

    If you want to build your media profile, here are eight ways to get coverage.

  • How to report bugs to web developers

    When software or web sites break, it's easier to tackle the issue if the person reporting it can give a clear and detailed description of what's gone wrong. Following these steps when you're reporting a bug should help your developers diagnose and fix a problem more quickly.

  • How to use wikis in your work

    A lot of charity professionals are in uncharted territory when it comes to wikis. This how-to will explain what they are and the variety of ways of they can be useful to you.

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