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  • How to influence locally

    It's easy to dismiss campaigning as a luxury, when voluntary organisations all over the country are facing increased demand on their services and increased pressures on funding and staff time. And sometimes it’s true that launching a big-scale attack is not the best strategy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still motivate change. For some, campaigning and influencing might seem irrelevant, opaque or hopeless. But small charities can be successful influencers, and with a bit of know-how you can make a big difference.

  • How to deal with a challenging panel

    Every Fair Share Trust panel is unique to its local area. When working properly, they consist of people who represent a wide variety of interests and services, all of whom have an active part to play in the community and who work with Local Agents to set local Fair Share Trust priorities and award funding. It’s unsurprising that clashes of opinions occur. While it’s important to encourage passion for the work of the Fair Share Trust, some areas have encountered small groups or individuals whose enthusiasm is counterproductive, making it difficult to reach a consensus.

  • How to Evaluate your Local Area

    All Fair Share Trust (FST) Local Agents are required to undertake evaluations as part of the programme. The purpose of FST local evaluation is threefold: 1. for funded groups – to celebrate and raise profile; 2. for Local Agents – to assess work done and measure impact; 3. for CFN – to share learning & highlight recommendations for future funding. Around the network, a variety of methods have been used and lessons learned which will be helpful for Local Agents and any funders or groups looking to evaluate the work they have done. This document looks at some of this learning from around the network.

  • How to approach local businesses for donations

    If you are thinking about getting in touch with local businesses to see if they can help you with your fundraising, then this ‘How to…’ guide is for you!

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