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  • Implementing organisational change

    Change can be a difficult process, but there are steps you can take to make transitions smoother. Simon Sherbersky from Torbay CDT explains how he used Kotter's 8-step change model to make changes at his organisation.

  • Individual reactions to change

    Everybody has different reactions and responses to change - so how does the busy team manager keep everyone on board?

  • How to make your office more sustainable

    This does what it says on the tin!  A quick guide to basic measures which can be taken to improve how 'green' you are at work.

  • Involving stakeholders in change

    How to undertake a stakeholder analysis and the importance of communicating change to the stakeholders of your non profit organisation.

  • Managing the transition

    Transition management is now a key aspect of any organisation’s change process.

  • Reviewing your organisation’s structure

    Questions and pointers to help you review your non profit's organisational structure.

  • Tips for making change easier

    Top tips on how best to approach, manage and deal with changein your non profit organisation.

  • Five steps to successful change

    Need an instant guide to change? Here is a quick summary of essential change management strategy in five steps that will keep you on the right track.

  • Leading change

    Advice on how to guide your non profit or charitable organisation through times of change.

  • Understanding the change

    Understanding organisational change in non profit organisations is key to dealing with it effectively and making the most of opportunities that arise.

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