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  • The volunteer coordinator

    About the role of the volunteer coordinator or volunteer manager.

  • Managing and retaining volunteers

    How to effectively manage and retain volunteers within your organisation.

  • How to set up a volunteering programme

    If you haven’t involved volunteers in your organisation before or are thinking about starting a volunteer programme or project this guide aims to covers some of the key things you need to think about.

  • How to reduce risk while volunteering

    Volunteering is not a generally risky activity and o f course, more things can go wrong if you’re cutting down trees or taking a group hiking than if you’re collecting donations on the high street. But whatever you’re doing, if you take the time to consider a few simple guidelines you can reduce the risk significantly. Even though individual volunteers have a duty of care to each other and others who may be affected by their activities, people are hardly ever held liable for any consequences due to well-intentioned voluntary acts.  This guide provides some basic guidance for individuals on staying safe and avoiding risk.

  • How to thank volunteers

    Advice on when and how to thank your volunteers and make sure they feel valued.

  • How to recruit volunteers

    This how-to gives you and your charity some practical ideas that you can easily employ to attract new volunteers and make sure they get off to a flying start.  

  • Writing volunteer role descriptions

    Quick guide to preparing descriptions of voluntary roles.

  • Where to find volunteers

    Volunteer websites and places to advertise your volunteer vacancies online.

  • The chief executive's relationship with trustees

    About the relationship between the chief executive and the trustees.

  • How to set up employer supported volunteering as a charity

    Employer supported volunteering (ESV) has primarily been seen as private sector businesses setting up programmes to support their employees in volunteering for charity organisations. The arrangement is usually mutually beneficial for all parties: the employer, the employees who volunteer and the charity they volunteer for. The how-to guide on setting up an employer supported volunteering programme as an employer covers the key things any type of organisation should consider – this guide covers the additional points to consider as a charity organisation thinking of setting up an employer supported volunteering programme for your employees.

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