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  • 6 Excellent Tips For Holding a Successful NonProfit Event

    Hosting a fundraising event for your nonprofit doesn’t just involve cold calls, emails, and meetings. Your goal is putting together an experience that engages attendees and encourages donations.   The best way to successfully run your event is to have a plan of attack. Follow the checklist below and you’ll host an event that results in a win for your nonprofit.

  • How to Run a Successful Nonprofit Membership Program

    A membership program invites users to contribute their time, money, and knowledge to the nonprofit organization in exchange for membership and certain benefits. The benefits of membership programs are multiple – they help you establish a loyal community of supporters, spread the word about your organization, and grow the number of your donations. Precisely because of that, you need to build your nonprofit membership program strategically.

  • How to find the Perfect Office Space for Your Nonprofit

    Finding the ideal place of operation for your nonprofit organization takes a lot of careful consideration and planning. You need to consider what are the essential needs of your nonprofit regarding location, space, and operational needs. Finally, there is the financial aspect of the whole matter along with the sustainability and business plan that has to predict your plans in the long run. These tips are here to help you locate the ideal office space for your nonprofit, even in a cut-throat real estate market like the one in London.

  • How to Create a More Environmentally Sustainable Nonprofit Workplace

    Nowadays, people are more and more aware of their environmental responsibilities , which is an excellent trend. It is essential to apply and continue working on it whenever it is possible, and it also refers to your workplaces. Having an eco-friendly office is crucial for everyone's health. Furthermore, healthy environment will influence the overall productivity level in the collective. However, it is often not easy to create such an eco-conscious nonprofit workplace. You need a lot of effort to start changing your habits. Moreover, it is even more difficult to persuade other colleagues to do so as well. Nevertheless, having an environmentally sustainable workplace is vital for multiple reasons, and here are some of the ways of how to create it.  

  • How to know what corporate sponsors expect from their nonprofit partners

    A sponsorship between a nonprofit organization and a corporate sponsor is a two-way street.  While your organization receives the funds to cover the expenses of an event, the company gets exposure, a relatively cheap promotion, and the appreciation of their target audience. This statement is supported by a research pointing out that 9 out of 10 customers expect businesses they buy from to be socially responsible and to give back to their community. If you think that your nonprofit organization is too small, you shouldn’t be discouraged. The truth is that local businesses or even the local outlets of some famous brands are even more interested in such projects. However, to team up with a company, you need to build a solid plan and, most importantly, know what they expect from you. Let’s find out more on that.

  • How to Use a CRM System To Benefit Your Nonprofit

    Unfortunately, most nonprofits are still reluctant to use CRM software. Common barriers that prevent nonprofits from effectively using CRM include outdated management procedures , inexperienced staff, and failure to see the advantages of using such software. However, nonprofits can overcome these barriers by providing their workers with CRM knowledge. So in order to help you and your nonprofit organization understand the benefits of CRM, we have created a short guide on the topic that explains all the essential details. Read on, and learn why CRM came to dominate the commercial sector.  

  • How to 4 Ways for Non-Profits to Attract and Retain Top Talents

    Working as Non-Profit organizations still requires us to gain the best talents we can possibly get. While it might be difficult, it is far from impossible. Here are 4 smart ways how Non-Profits can attract and retain top talents.

  • How to Strengthen Your Nonprofit

    The world of nonprofit an exciting adventure for those who are ready to change the world and really make a difference in the lives of individuals. While you may not save the whole entire world you can impact people’s lives positively in your community and schools. Nonprofit’s do not run the same as a major corporation or business. There is usually a board of directors and a small group of directors who are over different items such as operations and management. You will find that a lot of nonprofits rely on volunteer work and putting in extra hours. The great part about nonprofit work is that it is fulfilling and you will work with people who are passionate and dedicated to their job. Here are five things to think about when building your nonprofit:  

  • How to Start a Nonprofit from Scratch

    It seems like there are more and more individuals who want to start a nonprofit and give something back to the community. If you’re among them, there’s no doubt you’re doing the right thing. However, if you want to make sure your nonprofit succeeds, you need to understand all the steps involved in getting it off the ground. Moreover, you need to be aware of the fact that growing and sustaining a nonprofit may take years. But to set your nonprofit off to a great start, here are five steps you need to follow.

  • How to apply business knowledge to non-profit

    Although it is a noble job, non-profit organizations also require business management. While these type of jobs do not generate high profits, it is important to have financial sustainability. This can be done quite simple by using experiences from the business world. The essence of the business itself does not differ much.   There are several basic ways in which you can successfully adopt and apply knowledge in the work of a non-profit.  

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