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  • How to Pitch Your Nonprofit Story to the Media

    As a nonprofit organization, it can be very difficult to show up in the media. With all the politics and gossip that take up most of the audience’s attention, small organizations that do something out of the ordinary will always have a hard time getting “their five minutes” in the press. However, it can be done. You just need the right approach and tools, and you can make it happen. The first thing to remember is: what you think matters... doesn’t necessarily matter to those in the press. So, how can you pitch your story and actually be perceived as important and worth publishing?

  • How to Write a Persuasive Marketing Copy for Nonprofits

    Most people would assume that writing a persuasive marketing copy for a nonprofit cause is much simpler than writing copy for products or services. After all, the mission of most nonprofit organizations is to aid those who are in trouble, to save lives, to cure diseases, and to provide better lifestyle conditions to the misfortunate. Humans or animals, it doesn’t matter – the cause is still important! However, there’s a very important aspect that every nonprofit promoter must acknowledge once and for all. It is extremely unfortunate but it’s the truth: People rarely care about anything other than themselves. Therefore, a nonprofit organization that emphasizes the cause will rarely draw the attention of their audience. Why? Because there are no benefits involved. People click on ads and buy products because benefits are promised. These benefits usually come from the value of the product or service that a business organization provides. To make your marketing copy persuasive, you must start thinking and acting like a marketer does. You need to understand the basics principles that make people “tick” and combine that knowledge with your altruistic cause. Find that balance and your marketing campaigns will rock.  Without further ado, let’s tackle several strategies for developing better, more persuasive marketing copy for nonprofit organizations.

  • How to connect to millennials as a nonprofit

    Although we still think of Millennials as those kids who were born approximately ten years ago, here’s a little reality check: a large number of these “kids” are already either owners of their own companies or highly-positioned figures with big brands. Some of them even have families and kids. However, even though we’ve got the Gen Y now growing up and looking for authentic roles in the workplace to match, the generation that’s still setting the tone of almost all business dynamics is no one else but Millennials. To go anywhere with your business and make a positive impact, you need to go through Millennials first and see how the idea reads with them. On that note, we’ll be discussing the best ways to connect with Millennials and lure them to your side.

  • How to design a great nonprofit website

    While some of the principles of an efficient web design are universal, it would be ludicrous to assume that designing an e-store and a nonprofit website are one and the same thing. Of course, the overlaps exist in several areas, however, when it comes to nonprofit websites, the emphasis may be on different design elements, depending on the nature of the website or the organization in question. With this in mind, here are five elements of a good nonprofit website you need to be on a lookout for.

  • How to transform your non profit project into a world wide oganization

    Our today's article is devoted to a transformation from one non-profit model to another, following the example of the Airpano project launched in far 2006 but has gained a world recognition so far.

  • How to Successfully Build a New Non-Profit Location

    Successfully starting a non-profit organization can often be relatively challenging. If you are building your own location from the ground up, this will come with its own set of obstacles to overcome. While there are many things you need to consider and it may require a lot of time, effort, and dedication, all of your hard work will pay off in the long run because you are creating an organization with a positive purpose that gives back. The following information provides some helpful tips you might want to consider in order to ensure that your build goes as smoothly as possible:

  • How to Effectively Manage And Maintain a Nonprofit Facility

    There are many non-profit organizations with different missions, marketing strategies, and development plans. However, what they all have in common is the need to invest in their facilities as well as maintain them. After all, they wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything without having representable facilities, regardless of whether we are talking about a small office or a huge building. With that in mind, here are five must-dos for nonprofit facility management .  

  • How to Create an Inclusive and Diversified Non-profit Team

    Equality and diversity are two buzzwords often used very lightly by many businesses that only aim to follow through with certain policy expectations. Too often it’s all about image and reputation instead about the actual issues. However, in the world of non-profits, the merits of a diversified team structure trump many hurdles organisations need to surpass. Fostering equality through difference actually has a tendency to make us smarter , more productive, and better at what we do, which is something every single non-profit needs. No matter the cause that is at the heart of your organisation, every non-profit can benefit from practicing what it preaches. Whether it’s hiring more people of colour when they work with such communities, or providing education to those in need, your hiring strategies need to reflect your core values. This is something that will not only boost your standing, but also help achieve your goals as a group. Here are several ways in which you can ensure greater diversity and live by your words at the workplace, as well.

  • How to Go Green in Your Office: A Sustainable Design for Nonprofit Organizations

    No matter the size of your organization and whether you’re leasing your office space, or you are the owner of it, deciding to green up your working environment will bring you numerous benefits. Aside from the fact that going green will help you reduce your monthly bill – in turn lowering your overhead costs – it will also help create a healthier environment for you and your employees.

  • How to Develop An Effective Nonprofit Email Campaign

    A large part of being a non-profit organization revolves around the support of your patrons and the generosity of your donors. Most non-profits face crunches in funds, resources and other pre-requisites that are essential for the successful operation of any non-profit organization. Considering this, it becomes very important to make sure that you are utilizing your marketing resources in an optimal fashion. E-mail marketing in often regarded as the best fit for non-profits looking to market themselves across the web as it is not very resource intensive, provides a wider reach and is also pretty affordable as compared to the traditional internet marketing methods. With this article, we will help you optimize the email campaign for your non-profit so that you can reach out to your target audience and achieve desired results. Go through each and every tip and make sure you implement it in your campaign. Let’s jump right into it!

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