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  • How to Go Green in Your Office: A Sustainable Design for Nonprofit Organizations

    No matter the size of your organization and whether you’re leasing your office space, or you are the owner of it, deciding to green up your working environment will bring you numerous benefits. Aside from the fact that going green will help you reduce your monthly bill – in turn lowering your overhead costs – it will also help create a healthier environment for you and your employees.

  • How to Design a Modern Office

    An office is so much more than a place for business. It reflects your company both to your customers and your business partners. That’s what makes designing an office so important. It should be used to send a message. The office design can also be used as a way to create and promote a certain work atmosphere. It can motivate your workers and bring a sense of camaraderie to your company. That’s why the office you design should also be an office for the company you’re planning to make.

  • How to Properly Organize Office Interior

    Just like at home, an organization of space is important at work. Employees spend at least 30 to 40 hours a week in the office, which is sometimes more than at home. Therefore, office interior needs to be properly organized so they wouldn't feel welcomed and comfortable. Since all employees want to run a productive business, they must pay attention to the conditions in which their employees work. It actually doesn't take much to create an environment that will be less stressful, but rather will and knowledge. Therefore, here is some advice on how to properly organize the office interior to everyone's satisfaction.

  • How to find the Perfect Office Space for Your Nonprofit

    Finding the ideal place of operation for your nonprofit organization takes a lot of careful consideration and planning. You need to consider what are the essential needs of your nonprofit regarding location, space, and operational needs. Finally, there is the financial aspect of the whole matter along with the sustainability and business plan that has to predict your plans in the long run. These tips are here to help you locate the ideal office space for your nonprofit, even in a cut-throat real estate market like the one in London.

  • How to Efficiently Relocate Your Nonprofit Business

    For a non-profit organization, every relocation needs to be made as simple as possible, whether you need more space, or to downsize for any given reason. If you plan ahead, you can avoid expensive issues and keep your partners well-informed. When it comes to moving a business, the procedure involves much more than packing and unpacking. You need to make sure your phone and internet services are uninterrupted, as well as that your contributors are aware of your new address. Let’s get the essential steps right.

  • How to Create A More Vibrant Workplace: 7 Ways to Revitalize Your Nonprofit Office

    The list of amazing things accomplished by nonprofit organizations over the last couple of decades is too long to count and quite impressive. What’s even more impressive is that all these accomplishments were performed by ordinary people who have done their best to use the limited resources they had at their disposal. Just imagine what they would be able to do if they were allowed better work conditions. Well, why not find out for yourself? As a matter of fact, nonprofit offices can be completely revitalized and made vibrant with nothing more than a couple of simple steps. Let's take a quick!

  • How to Fund Environmental Projects

    One of the key sustainability concepts of Fair Share Trust is Environmental Sustainability, and many Local Agents are prioritizing this work. But how do you know if a project will make a real difference to the local community, and how do you ensure local residents’ engagement and the project’s environmental sustainability? The case studies below look at some of the work done around the UK and explore some of the challenges and successes of funding environmental projects.

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