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  • How to build an engaged online community

    An online community is a group of people with common interests who use the Internet (web sites, email, social networks, etc) to communicate, work together and pursue their interests over time.

  • How Live Chat Improves Your Customer Service?

    Live Chat  as the good chance to improve your service in 2018

  • How to Reach More People Online With Your Nonprofit

    For better or worse, a charity is much like any old business venture in the modern world – the competition is strong, the demographic requires a strong incentive, and there is a need to attract as well as reach out to supporters with the help of a comprehensive marketing strategy. However, times are changing rapidly, and the offline methods that may have worked in decades past are now giving way to online marketing in hopes of higher brand visibility and engagement. Let’s take a look at some of the winning online tactics for a successful nonprofit organization.

  • How to carry out effective user research

    Building a new digital service can be hard. How do you know what features your users will need the most? Or what platform they’ll be most likely to use? Fortunately you don’t need to have all the answers yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t. Because that’s what user research is for.  User research is not the same as market research , and 1:1 interviews will give you more valuable, in-depth insights than surveys and focus groups. The point of user research is to find out about your users’ attitudes, behaviour, goals and challenges. It’s about uncovering how they see the world, and how they behave in it. If you understand this, you can design and build a service that users need, not what you think they need. Watch this video to find out why you should do user research, what the common types of research are, ethics and some top tips for writing an interview script. We’ve also developed this worksheet you can fill in as you go. Here are the tips that are covered in the video, plus a few bonus ones:    

  • Is Social Media Leaving the Positive Impact on Your Children’ Minds?

    No doubt social media is on the hype today. Individuals to families, and even families to businesses have started utilizing social media.

  • Modelling the UK Dog population for RSPCA

    How the RSPCA used research to inform its policy work.

  • How to Host the Ultimate Sit-Down Dinner for Raising Funds

    If you are looking to host a fundraising dinner, here is what you need to know. 

  • How to write a successful trust letter

    Competition for funding from trusts can be intense. Trusts usually receive many more applications that they can fund. Here are six steps to help you write a successful trust letter.

  • How to improve your recycling fundraising results

    Raising funds from recycling can be very effective. But schemes can only generate useful funds if your supporters are using them. Here are some tips to help you promote your schemes and make it easy for people to use them.

  • How to raise funds from recycling

    Raising funds through recycling is a simple way to gain unrestricted income for your organisation. Choose the recycling schemes you think will work best for you and then encourage your supporters to use them. They’ll feel good about helping the environment while generating funds for your cause without it costing them anything. 

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