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  • Reviewing your organisation's culture

    How to define, identify and review an organisation's culture.

  • Time management

    Ideas and techniques for improving your time management skills.

  • How to run a stress-free event

    Running a successful event can be challenging at the best of times. Sarah Porter, Marketing and Events Officer for NCVO, tells us how she’s kept her cool during the toughest circumstances.  

  • Developing in a difficult financial climate - yes it is possible

    Challenging times failed to prevent infrastructure organisation, Hammersmith and Fulham Refugee Forum, from moving forwards.

  • Involving people in strategy development

    One way to involve people is to set up a strategy away day for your non profit organisation.

  • How to go from moments to movements

    Social media is full of moments that gather the attention of the target audience and lead to Facebook likes and retweets – and that is great to raise awareness! But if you want to change a behaviour, or raise support and really engage with people, you need to convert awareness into action. In other words, you need to convert moments into movements.

  • How to Engage with your Community

    The Fair Share Trust programme faces some of its most challenging work on a daily basis, work at the heart of the programme: engaging people from within the Fair Share Trust neighbourhoods. What counts as engagement, and what works, are questions that Local Agents have grappled with over the past nine years, and with varying results. Some communities want and need to be led through the involvement of development workers, whereas others emerge from a swell of strong local feeling and opinion.

  • How to use your company values to recruit, retain and develop staff

    Company values articulate those things that an organisation genuinely believes in. Used effectively, they are like a cultural glue to ‘connect’ the team and support a social community based on shared goals. The most committed employees I see are from non-profit organisations where the values are really 'lived' - so this how-to explains how to align your values with your HR practices! 

  • How to develop mission statements that have impact

    Measuring impact is the only way an organization can know whether its efforts and use of resources (often other people’s money) is doing any good.  Organizations that measure impact perform better and evolve faster.  Here are five steps aimed at determining the impact and calculating the return on investment of an organization’s operations.

  • Studyzone

    Training anywhere, anytime: online courses for the voluntary sector.

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