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  • How to Promote a Nonprofit Organization

    Nonprofit organizations probably have more difficulties promoting themselves than businesses, especially since markets are mostly business-oriented in the first place. However, marketing efforts aren't only reserved for companies looking to score sales or attract customers. As a matter of fact, good marketing can be extremely helpful to nonprofit organizations for improving their visibility, explaining their story to the crowd and ensuring donations, as well as engagement from interested contributors. Nonprofit organizations have a purpose of endorsing a noble cause and whichever cause that may be no organization can fully support it on their own. That's why marketing is essential for spreading the word and helping people become aware that there's a cause worthy of their attention and support. Nonprofit organizations need to build a strong online presence and take a marketing approach almost the same way as businesses do - target people who will be most willing to help and ensure their support in fighting for a good cause. Here are a few ways to promote a nonprofit organization.  

  • How to connect to millennials as a nonprofit

    Although we still think of Millennials as those kids who were born approximately ten years ago, here’s a little reality check: a large number of these “kids” are already either owners of their own companies or highly-positioned figures with big brands. Some of them even have families and kids. However, even though we’ve got the Gen Y now growing up and looking for authentic roles in the workplace to match, the generation that’s still setting the tone of almost all business dynamics is no one else but Millennials. To go anywhere with your business and make a positive impact, you need to go through Millennials first and see how the idea reads with them. On that note, we’ll be discussing the best ways to connect with Millennials and lure them to your side.

  • How to Increase Nonprofit Website Traffic

    Website traffic is crucial for the success of nonprofit organizations. The more people you attract to your cause, the more funds you'll be able to acquire, to support that cause. Nowadays, everything is focused towards the digital aspect and nonprofits simply need to build their online presence and awareness. Without a website or online presence, your nonprofit organization will have many difficulties in supporting its noble cause. However, simply having a website isn't enough to attract interest or attract donors that will help out financially. In fact, you have to make your website more visible and accessible online, in order to generate enough traffic. Still, nonprofits don't have the funds to allocate in costly activities to build website traffic, mainly because most of the funds they manage to acquire goes to the cause. Still, there are cost-effective and even free activities you can do to boost awareness and thus increase website traffic. That being said, here are a few ways to increase website traffic for nonprofit organizations.

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