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  • How to manage your organisation's reputation

    It’s important to tackle head on anything that may lead people to question how well your organisation is run or the value of your work. But good preparation can mitigate risks that come from inside or outside of your organisation. 

  • How to manage a print project

    We might be moving towards more and more digital content, but there’s always room for a print project, whether it’s as small as a business card, or as big as a book. A print project is like any other, and any project management skills will be really helpful for you to plan and successfully run your print project.

  • How to share your stories on a budget

    Do you want to bring your stories to life and reach a wider audience? Don’t have a media team, social media officer or the budget to deliver an integrated comms plan? Here’s how to help raise your profile on a shoestring budget.

  • How to drive traffic to your website using Facebook adverts

    There are many ways you can use Facebook advertising to promote your charity, This guide focuses on driving traffic to your website.

  • How to tell the story of your event using Storify

    Got so much content for an event and not sure where to put it? Or perhaps you just want to capture the social media discussion around your event. Storify allows you to drag and drop from a range of social media channels and gives you the opportunity to add headings and commentary so that you can add context or information to your 'story'.

  • How to make sure your website gives the right message

    If you want stronger communications that improve your connection with your audience, you need to give more time and attention to what happens in people's heads. Here's some guidance.

  • How to create a video for your non-profit

    If you've decided to look for a video production partner to create a video for your organisation, it may help to get an oversight of the whole process - from selecting an agency to signing off on the finished product.

  • How to organise a live Q&A

    A live q & a is a great way to get your audience talking to each other, getting answers to questions and generating really engaging content for anyone to read at any time.  

  • Creating effective charity e-newsletters

    Jude Habib of sounddelivery shares her advice on creating effective e-newsletters in a non profit or charitable organisation.

  • Blogging

    Jude Habib of sounddelivery shares her top tips for blogging.

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