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  • How To Achieve Your Goals As An Organisation

    Many organisations struggle to actually accomplish what they set out to do. Sadly, this can cause a team of volunteers to lose faith because the momentum on the work they are providing will seem to waiver. If you want to make sure that you stay on path with the good work you are doing, then use some of these steps on how to set and achieve your goals!

  • Definitions and views of strategy

    An explanation of what strategy is and the role that it plays in the success of your organisation.

  • Strategy made easy: simple steps to producing your strategic plan

    Do you have a strategic plan that's gathering dust on a shelf? Are you about to write a new one or maybe your very first? Learn how to turn your plans into actions that will maximise your impact and will help you not just survive but grow!

  • Scenario planning

  • Strategy maps

    A strategy map is a tool to help stakeholders visualise and get hooked into the strategy.

  • PEST analysis

    A simple way of exploring what's going on in your external environment.

  • Integrate into performance management

    How to include your strategy in the performance management of your organisation, staff, volunteers and trustees.

  • Package your strategy to ensure alignment

    Develop a strategy statement as a way of engaging and including staff, volunteers and beneficiaries in your new strategy.

  • Engaging hearts and minds in strategy

    Your strategy is only real when you implement it. To do that you need to engage and align people.

  • Cost benefit analysis

    Summing up the costs and benefits associated with a strategic option.

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