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  • Team-building events

    Different types of events you could try to develop your team in a non profit organisation.

  • Stages of team development

    An understanding of group dynamics can help you lead your team through its stages of development.

  • Effective teams

    ‘Building blocks’ of high performing teams and how to develop these in your organisation.

  • Virtual teams

    How to ensure that teams who work remotely still operate effectively.

  • Types of team

    A guide to different types of teams in voluntary, non profit and charitable organisations.

  • The importance of teams

    Why do we work in teams and what are the benefits of team working?

  • Team planning exercises

    This is a simple way to involve all team members in planning the team’s work and sharing out the workload.

  • Team roles

    Who takes what role in your team and what can you learn from this?

  • Helping teams through stages

    How a team leader can support a team's development.

  • How to train and develop your workforce on a tight budget

    In times of recession, training budgets may be the first to be cut. Yet having a skilled workforce, both paid and unpaid, is a critical element of success in voluntary and community sector organisations. It is still vital to keep a planned approach and use the creativity that is a mark of the sector. The worst thing to do would be to bring in a scaled-down training and development programme that didn't address learning needs or align with strategic imperatives – but was just cheaper. This how-to guides gives some practical suggestions about how to keep developing your workforce during difficult times.

  • Developing effective teams

    How to build effective teams, team roles, team leadership and the stages of team development.


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