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  • How to Improve Non-Profit Workplace Culture

    Workplace culture is the source of your non-profit’s power. It dictates your staff members’ attitudes, beliefs, and interactions. As a reflection of your organizational values, it shapes people’s perceptions of your non-profit and its authority. Above all, workplace culture directly impacts your top employees’ wellbeing, keeping them satisfied and loyal to your organization. Here are a few simple steps that will help you boost your non-profit’s workplace culture.  

  • How to Increase An Employers Attractiveness with a Wellness Program

    Away from being a norm in hospitals and healthcare clinics, wellness programs seem to be enjoying widespread acceptance in banks, pharmacies, groceries, departmental stores and many other businesses. It seems, more organizations and corporations are joining the bandwagon, investing in their employees and offering insane wellness remunerations. And indeed it appears employee wellness is more than an in-thing, perhaps a fad.

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