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  • Sample documents and templates

    Sample documents and templates for trustee boards.

  • Governance reviews

    How and why organisations should conduct governance reviews.

  • Governance

    How voluntary organisations are governed to ensure they are effective, accountable and have direction. The trustee board is responsible for good governance but they rely on many different people to be able to govern well: staff, volunteers, advisers and stakeholders.

  • How to manage arguments productively (for Committees)

    Whether it's at the board level or in a simple volunteer committee, arguments are a normal and healthy part of any committee's life. Managing them poorly can ruin relationships and create a toxic atmosphere, but managing them productively can lead to greater creativity and accountability for everyone. This guide gives you a step-by-step process to handle arguments productively--from knowing when to engage to knowing how to keep track of progress.

  • Board effectiveness

    Are you getting the most from your board? Do you organise yourselves effectively and do the processes you use help or hinder?

  • Trustee disqualification

    Guidance about the rules on the automatic disqualification of trustees and senior managers.

  • How to manage risk

    Risk management is the process of identifying, evaluating and controlling risks. The aim is not to eliminate all risks entirely (this would be very difficult and not cost effective), but rather to reduce the risk to a level that the charity is comfortable with (the risk appetite). These seven steps are a tried-and-tested risk management process. It’s best to work through them with a group of people, including trustees and staff who understand the organisation well. Risk register template for NCVO members NCVO members can download a risk register template in the tools and resources section .

  • What is a governing document?

    The key legal document in a charitable organisation is its governing document

  • Policies and procedures

    A clear, appropriate and coherent set of policies and procedures help ensure that your organisation is well run.

  • Who's in control - working out your governance structure

    The basis of most legal forms is a two-tier power structure whereby a small group of individuals is responsible for the running of the organisation (called a board of directors, board of management, management committee, or board of trustees), but is accountable to a wider group of individuals (often called members or shareholders or owners).

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