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  • Successful leadership

    Guidance on the meaning of leadership and what leaders need to do, as well as advice from leadership gurus on what makes a successful leader.

  • Essential actions of a chief executive

    Four activities that must be done by the chief executive of an organisation.

  • The chief executive and the top team

    The chief executive's role in developing a strong top team.

  • What's different about being a chief executive?

    The challenges of the chief executive role.

  • A leader's essential actions

    The essential skills and actions of a leader.

  • Team roles

    Who takes what role in your team and what can you learn from this?

  • How to motivate your employees and volunteers when they’re feeling burned out

    Workers who are happy are productive. But when it comes to a large team of workers, striving hard and helping the organisation thrive - how would you do it? Almost all employers think that increasing employee's salary is enough, but is there anything besides?  You are lucky that motivating workers doesn’t take too much hard work or even useful resources. As a matter of fact, this may just require a schedule of a couple of minutes from your daily routine to say “hello.” Being a leader, achieving your organisation's aims and increasing the rate of productivity are your main goal, which means your staff need to work as efficiently as they can. Instilling motivation isn’t easy, but it’s a necessity if you aspire to satisfaction and growth within your staff.

  • Tools and techniques for managing change

    A range of techniques that can help you to understand, plan, communicate and manage change.

  • Essential leadership skills

    Excel in your role as a leader with this four-part online training course. Learn how to build trust, nurture enthusiasm, inspire loyalty and optimise teamwork. Master the art of decision making and change leadership in tough times.

  • Appraising the CEO: 360⁰ profiling

    An introduction to 360⁰ profiling of the chief executive or senior management team and instructions on how to do it.

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