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  • How to cut and control costs

    Some simple and more challenging suggestions for cutting and controlling costs across your organisation. To ensure that you survive, you may need to make some big decisions. Here's how to look at your services and income to make significant changes. This how-to guide is based on the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network's Q&A in June 2011.

  • How to Transform Your Nonprofit Board into a Fundraising Machine

    Congratulations, you have started a non-profit organization and are ready to accomplish big. However, for some reason you’re starting to sense that some of your board members don’t demonstrate the kind of commitment you expect from them. Bummer. There are many reasons that can explain this problem. For example, they might be fairly new to the field and have no prior experience in fundraising. Or maybe you don’t motivate them as well as needed? You might be surprised but some of them may actually be afraid of asking people for money. Whatever the reason is, you need to eliminate this issue and get your organization rolling. Below are some tips to help you with that.

  • Performance-based rewards

    Ideas for linking performance to rewards and why this can be important for staff development.

  • How to recruit or fund Community Development Workers

    Across the Fair Share Trust (FST) network, Local Agents have funded Community Developments Workers to specifically focus on enhancing capacity, social capital and liveability within FST areas. In this How To you can read about some of the successes and glean some ideas that might be of use in your area.

  • How to develop yourself - with no budget!

    Training budgets are limited - or non existent now - so how can you develop yourself in the current climate?  Take charge by assessing your development needs and identifying ways to address those gaps!   There are also fewer opportunities to move job so it’s important to seek out and take up all opportunities to develop in your current role and help you be ready for your next one.  

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