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We’ve made our member-only resources free to everyone because of the current situation. We think it’s important people have the guidance they need to run their organisations during this time.

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  • Top 3 elegant ways to express gratitude to your donor

    Do you know that children learn five “magic” words as soon as they enter the kindergarten? That’s because they are going to use these expressions in all sorts of situations through their lives.The magic words are: please, sorry, welcome, excuse me, and thank you.   “Thank you” is what you say incountless situations but in certain fields, it is also a professional responsibility. For nonprofits, this phrase has an utmost importance since they need to show appreciation for their donors. It is not only a question of good manners but also a precondition of future contributions by the same donor. In this article, I will discuss top 3 elegant ways to express gratitude to the people who support your mission. How to show appreciation for the donor with style Giving almost $400 billion each year to charity purposesall around the globe, donors certainly deserve a big “thank you” for their help. But the generic approach is not enough in this case as each one of those contributors has to be aware that nonprofits really respect his or her actions. Donors exchange value for value: they give money to charity programs because they believe in ideas and feel good while supporting them. But at the same time, most of the donors make donations because they seek for social recognition.

  • How to Gain And Keep New Donors with SMS

    Did you know that over 52% of website visits today come from mobile devices? People are glued to their phones these days and that means it’s the best place to reach them. The stats on text messaging prove that SMS is the best place to communicate with donors and keep them engaged on what's happening.  Read on to find out how to build a subscriber list, launch a text-to-give campaign and keep new donors in the loop on what’s happening.

  • Major donors

    About the process of finding and building relationships with people who will give large donations.

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