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Felicity McLeister

Providing Pro Bono O.R. support to the Third Sector

Faced with complex decisions and wondering which direction to take?  Deciding on how to allocate scarce resources?  Want to prove you are doing a good job?   O.R. Pro Bono can help.

O.R.: “The application of appropriate analytical methods to help make better decisions”

Third sector organisations face extremely complex decisions about the direction they should take and how to allocate scarce resources. 

Some of the problems third sector organisations are faced with:

  • ‘We have lots of different options for the future but it’s impossible to decide which to choose in such uncertain times.’
  •  ‘We’re under huge pressure to do more with less, and we don’t know how we’re going to do it.’
  •  ‘It’s hard to stay objective when we’re faced with such emotionally charged decisions.’
  •  ‘We know we’re doing a good job – but how can we prove it?’

Without the tools to model different scenarios and understand the consequences of them, it isn't surprising that many organisations (and certainly not just the third sector), tend to rely on gut feelings.  An O.R. practitioner comes armed with an array of analytical tools plus the skills and experience to identify the critical factors and issues, explore the different options and explain the impact of them in real terms.  It won’t make the decisions for you, but it provides some of the head to your organisations heart and, when you combine the two, you are more likely to act in the interests of your organisation and its beneficiaries.

Here is what a few of the organisations who’ve received Pro Bono support had to say:

  •  Crimestoppers: ‘We’ve benefited hugely from your work and support in all areas of the project, and from an organisational perspective you’ve enabled us to take a highly professional approach to increasing the efficiency of our charity.’ (Performance Manager)
  • Participle: ‘I have just started to digest the work you did for us and wanted to say a huge thank you.  This will be so critical to our growth and I am very grateful indeed for your time and expertise.  The team have described you as "a joy to work with”.’ (Principle Partner)
  • The Cardinal Hume Centre “We valued the opportunity to work collaboratively and without doubt benefited from the analyst’s expertise and commitment to the project.” (Operations Director)




If you work for a third sector organisation, would like to discuss pro bono support or need more information, please write to

Felicity McLeister is interested in data analysis, operations, operations managment, third sector, capacity building, data analysis, decision making, facilities management, impact assessment, qualitative research, quantitative research,

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