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Creating a campaigning culture

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Alongside  building a learning culture, an essential part of good campaign leadership is creating a campaigning culture in your organisation. Before you can convince the public of a campaign, you need to convince people inside your organisation.

Some ideas for increasing the visibility of your campaign include:

  • creating an energy and buzz around your campaign
  • sharing successes along the way  
  • helping people to feel involved.

Persuading people that your campaign is working towards your organisation’s shared goals can help them to understand its value.

Campaigning internally

If there is a lack of a campaigning culture, try to identify the reasons for this and how you can tackle them.

You could help to build internal knowledge of campaigning by offering workshops on topics such as what campaigning is and how to approve a campaign strategy.

It may be necessary to do some internal campaigning to influence people. To achieve this you could think about:

  • what you want your campaign to achieve
  • who you want to influence
  • why you need colleagues to influence your campaign.

To persuade people of the need for your campaign, you’ll then want to:

  • communicate in ways that will resonate with these audiences
  • build influential allies
  • treat colleagues as valued audiences and supporters for your campaign.

Creating a campaigning culture can take time and can involve a lot more than persuading people to support your campaign, but these steps will put you off to a great start.

Further support

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Page last edited Apr 11, 2018

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