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Campaigning in coalition with others

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Working collaboratively with other organisations can significantly increase your chances of success.

Working with other organisations can give better leverage, and a coherent and coordinated voice is much easier to negotiate with. Organisations and campaign groups can campaign together in a range of ways, from loose networks to more formal structures.

  • Networks are informal associations of individuals or organisations. They sometimes have a coordinating secretariat or individual. The emphasis is often on sharing information and ideas.
  • Coalitions are joint-working ventures between different organisations. They collaborate around a single event, issue or campaign. Members invest resources and coordinate their messages, strategies and activities, dividing tasks between them. Coalitions are often short lived, for example Make Poverty History. 
  • Alliances are longer-term, formalised groups of trusted partners that agree on common ideals. Alliances need regular consultation between organisations and time investment in order to work.

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Page last edited May 18, 2017

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