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  • Choosing an Influencer to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

    If you are a small company that never worked with social media influencers here is a walk-trough that might help you understand what you need to do.

  • Merging infrastructure organisations to ensure sustainability

    By Tracy Rudling, CEO of Community 360. Two neighbouring infrastructure organisations in Essex and a training provider merge and create Community 360, a more sustainable organisation able to serve local communities more effectively and efficiently.

  • Merging Staffordshire infrastructure organisations to ensure sustainability

    By Garry Jones, CEO of Support Staffordsire. In January 2015, six district councils for voluntary service (CVS) merged to become Support Staffordshire. They were joined in October 2017 by the seventh and only remaining district CVS. Support Staffordshire has since re-secured investment from its county council, maintained local district relationships, seen an upsurge in membership, held onto local presence, and employs more than 60 people and turns over around £1.5m per year.

  • How to Increase Sales for Your Amazon Business?

    Here is a guide for anyone entering e-commerce. Tips and tricks on what to do and what to keep an eye on.

  • Reinvigorating a culture of volunteering at Northampton Hope Centre

    The Northampton Hope Centre shares how they used the Investing in Volunteers accreditation to reinvent their volunteering strategy.

  • Financing Small Business and Startup Growth: Best Options and Practices

    Finding the right financial information online for your small business can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This case study was created in order to help you make an educated decision about what you need to do for your own SBE.

  • Proving our value – without costing the earth

    START in Salford is a social enterprise supporting the emotional well-being and recovery of people who are, or may be at risk of experiencing mental health difficulties, through creative arts. As a social enterprise, START deliver projects for public bodies, charities and private companies, combining charitable aims with business and grant functions. Many of their volunteers are former START beneficiaries.

  • Selling educational services to schools

    Stand Against Violence share their experience of selling educational services to schools - they tried a variety of marketing approaches before having success.

  • Using digital to increase service capacity

    Get Connected share their experience of using digital technology to expand their services, reaching and supporting more of their beneficiaries than ever before.

  • Using collaboration to improve sustainability

    Isle Help is an Advice Service Transition Fund project based on the Isle of Wight which has helped to improve the availability and sustainability of its Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) services in the area.

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