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Supporting your beneficiaries

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This page explains what approaches can be taken to help support beneficiaries during covid-19. This page gives practical ideas on how to engage with beneficiaries during this uncertain time and includes links to government guidance and wellbeing resources. This page is aimed at operations managers or any staff or volunteers who work directly with beneficiaries.
  • Some of your beneficiaries may be more at risk or highly concerned about the virus, including those who are clinically extremely vulnerable or those who are clinically vulnerable (aged over 70, pregnant or with an underlying health condition). Read specific guidance to help protect those who are extremely clinically vulnerable from covid-19For further information, you can also read our guidance on managing covid risk.
  • Communication is key in helping to alleviate some feelings of concern and confusion that your beneficiaries may be experiencing due to covid-19.
  • Provide your beneficiaries  with clear and updated information on prevention measures, government action and your charity’s response. Explain how any prevention measures may impact or benefit your beneficiaries.    
  • Where possible, tailor information to address specific beneficiary needs  . 
  • The covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted the lives of some people who already face disadvantage which may include some of your beneficiaries and service users. To learn how to be more inclusive in your covid-19 response see our guidance on equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • If feasible, move some of your services online. There are many digital platforms available which will allow you to engage with your beneficiaries online. For more detailed information see our guidance on moving your services online.
  • This time of uncertainty and self-isolation may be impacting some of your beneficiaries’ mental health including feelings of loneliness and anxiety. The Centre for Mental Health has developed a brief guide to support mental wellbeing during covid-19.
  • Charities can encourage people who are self-isolating, and need some help with shopping, collecting a prescription or a friendly chat, to self-refer for help by calling 0808 196 3646 (8.00 – 20.00, seven days a week). For more information see the NHS Volunteer Responders portal.
Page last edited Jan 11, 2021

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