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Charity shops

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A look at what charity shops are, and how to go about setting up and running them effectively.

In this section you will find detailed information on charity shops, from how they began, to the challenges and practicalities involved in running them.

About charity shops

How charity shops can support the fundraising objectives of your charity.

Setting up a charity shop

How to go about setting up a charity shop.

Property acquisitions

Finding the right property for your charity shop.

Stock acquisition and processing

How to acquire and process donations for your shop.

Stock display and pricing

How to display and price stock in charity shops.

Branding and signage

How to develop branding and signage for your charity shop.

Staff issues

Information about staffing a charity shop.

Safety, security and other issues

How to ensure the safety and security of your charity shop.

Page last edited Jul 10, 2017

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