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Branding and signage

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How to develop branding and signage for your charity shop.


A charity shop is both a place of revenue generation for your parent charity and its public face. You can get your name known and inform the public of your work just by having a presence on the high street.

Your charity name and logo should be present on the shop board, posters, leaflets, carrier bags, and house-to-house collection sacks. Information such as the shop’s telephone number and slogan or ethos could also be included on these.

It is a legal requirement for the words ‘registered charity’ to appear on all official documents, including till receipts issued by charities.

Information and advertisement

Posters, leaflets and window stickers are a particularly useful way of communicating with the public, as they can:

  • inform people about the work of your charity
  • request more donations or volunteers
  • inform potential shoppers of the store’s opening hours: these should be clearly displayed either on the door or in the window
  • ask potential donors to only give goods during opening hours: bags of goods which are left outside closed charity shops are invariably rifled through, causing a mess and rendering the items unsaleable.

Other posters and notices

A charity shop must have its charity registration number prominently displayed in the store. As a workplace, it is also required by law to display the following posters and notices:

  • employer’s liability insurance certificate
  • health and safety law poster
  • employer’s health and safety policy statement
  • fire emergency instructions
  • emergency aid notice - with the names of appointed persons.

A sign noting the location of the first aid box should also to be displayed, if such equipment is not clearly visible.

If the shop sells gold, silver or platinum goods, these items must be hallmarked, and a sign explaining hallmarks must be displayed.

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