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Board responsibilities

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Where day-to-day management and operations are delegated to staff or volunteers, your board remains responsible for supervising the chief executive (and sometimes other staff) and ensuring that the organisation is being well managed and operating within agreed policies, the law and its budget.

Legal duties of trustees

The overriding duty of all charity trustees is to advance the purposes of their charity as well as several basic responsibilities.

Legal duties of trustees - Read More…

Financial responsibilities of the board

An explanation of the key financial responsibilities held by the board in a non profit organisation.

Financial responsibilities of the board - Read More…

Funding: the role of the board

Thinking strategically about funding and creating a diverse funding base.

Funding: the role of the board - Read More…

Strategy and impact

A good board shares the leadership and direction of an organisation by ensuring there is a clear framework for its work.

Strategy and impact - Read More…

Managing risk

Identifying and managing risk is a key charity or non profit board responsibility.

Managing risk - Read More…

Managing people

If the charity employs individuals, whether full-time, part-time, casual or temporary, the charity is likely to be their employer. Therefore board members will need to ensure that you understand and abide by current employment legislation.

Managing people - Read More…

Trusted Charity quality standard for charities

Boards can meet all of their legal governance responsibilities with a structured organisation-wide framework and ensure consistency, high standards and adherence to uniform best practice.

Trusted Charity quality standard for charities - Read More…

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