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6 Excellent Tips For Holding a Successful NonProfit Event

Event Plan

Hosting a fundraising event for your nonprofit doesn’t just involve cold calls, emails, and meetings. Your goal is putting together an experience that engages attendees and encourages donations.


The best way to successfully run your event is to have a plan of attack. Follow the checklist below and you’ll host an event that results in a win for your nonprofit.


Set Your Goals

It's vital that you know your direction. Putting together goals as a first step leads everything else you do down the correct path. Set goals in the following areas to help you figure out your overall event needs:


Fundraising amount: Set a goal for how much money you want to raise at the event.


Press: Work on getting significant press attention in order to raise awareness.


Number of Attendees: Ask yourself how many people you want at your event. This helps determine how much money you believe you can raise and also helps determine what type of press coverage to target.


Email Subscribers: Think about the future and brainstorm ways to capture the email addresses of attendees. This will allow you to follow-up over time and increase the chances of these people contributing again at a later date.


Establish an Event Planning Team

This involves determining who will be your volunteer coordinators, team leaders, public relations people, marketers, etc. Here are four parts to team building to help you be effective in this area:


Find an Effective Leader: Look for someone strong in the areas of communication skills, honesty, commitment, confidence and a willingness to listen to feedback.


Define Roles: Make sure each member of the team knows exactly what role they’re playing so they can more effectively meet their responsibilities.


Establish the Vision: Help each team member understand the overall vision behind your event.


Team MeetingsHold meetings that unify the team and allow the team leader to communicate direction, progress and ask for feedback.


Create Your Budget

This is a vital aspect of your event. Plan out what you hope to bring in at the event and how much you can spend on the event. Make it a goal to make at least 10% in revenue over what you spend to hold the event.


Budgeting should account for:

- Venue

- Entertainment

- Staffing costs

- Marketing

- Speaker Fees

- Crowdfunding software

- Event management software


Choose the Date & Venue

Once the date is set, consider these venue factors:

- How many rooms are needed?

- Is your venue choice too big or too small?

- Is the venue available on your selected date?

- Is parking adequate?

- Is there a strong WiFi connection available?

- Do they provide A/V equipment?


Book Your Catering, Entertainment & Speakers

The type of food provided at the event affects the overall experience. Survey potential attendees and poll your nonprofit member list in order to get feedback about the preferred types of foods people would like to see offered.


Ask yourself what type of entertainment works best for your event. Should you book a jazz band or someone more relevant like King Blitz?


One place to find your guest speakers is through a local speaker bureau. A bureau represents all types of speakers, such as celebrities, politicians, businesspeople, etc. Make sure your speakers believe in your overall cause and that they will present with a positive light regarding your organization’s overall mission.


Promote Your Event

Use every advantage you have at your disposal to raise awareness. Use print media, social media, your website, and email marketing. Work to gain corporate sponsors who will help you promote the event. Work with supporters you know to be extremely passionate about your cause and ask them to help you with the promotion elements.


While a lot of work is involved in holding a fundraising event for your nonprofit, you’ll realize success if you plan ahead. Don’t forget to keep your event fun!


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