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  • How To Motivate Volunteers To Support Your Organization

    Finding good volunteers to support your non-profits objective is not always as easy as it sounds. Sure, being an organization whose mission it is to help your community might sound like its compelling enough but its not. With so much going on in the world today, people's times are the most sought after commodity so you must have a good way to inspire people to want to support you. Here are four ways you can motivate volunteers to help your organization succeed.

  • How to celebrate a charity anniversary

    Action on Hearing Loss (previously RNID) celebrated its Centenary in 2011.  We started planning two years in advance to make our milestone birthday as successful as possible. Here are some points to think about when planning anniversary activity or other significant birthdays.

  • How to apply for funding

    This how-to summarises how you can apply for funding and signposts to relevant online resources.

  • How to ask for legacies

      A charitable legacy is when somebody leaves money for charity in their will.  Our UK Civil Society Almanac 2021  found that the largest source of voluntary sector income in 2018/19 was from the public; this included voluntary income such as legacies. This how-to looks at ways of approaching the subject of charitable legacies, and increasing giving potential within your charity.

  • How to design a training workshop

    Lots of charities run training workshops, whether for their beneficiaries, staff, customers or trustees, but it can be daunting to turn your knowledge into something that makes sense to other people. This guide helps you plan, format and review a workshop to suit different learning styles.

  • How to approach local businesses for donations

    If you are thinking about getting in touch with local businesses to see if they can help you with your fundraising, then this ‘How to…’ guide is for you!

  • How to avoid illegal or innapropriate interview questions

    Some interview questions are obviously discriminatory and avoided by almost all employers. However, when trying to build a friendly rapport during an interview, it can be easy to innocently stray into ‘grey’ areas which may seem harmless but are in fact discriminatory, and therefore potentially illegal. Employers may think they are just making conversation but could be leaving themselves open to litigation. How you can find out all the information you need in an interview without straying into potentially litigious territory? To answer that question, we brainstormed with Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana team to put together this list:

  • How to present research findings

    A network I participate in was recently asked the question: "if anyone on the list has gone from academia into policy research of any kind and has given presentations based on academic research to think tanks, government departments, NGOs or similar and had any useful insights? " Now it's some time since I was part of the academic world (I daren't call myself a former academic), but on the basis that I am no expert, the following seem to work for me. What would you add?

  • How to write really well for applying for a grant

    I'm turning to the written content of your application. The advice below, drawn from my experienced colleagues, will help your application to leap off the page.

  • How to make the most of your charity shop

    Have you thought about what makes a good charity shop?  Maybe it looks great.  Or the staff are helpful and efficient.  Perhaps it has unusual stock and is the best place to find rare vinyl and antique lampshades.  For charities, shops are a great way to diversify income – if you have the energy and the skills to make them work. I’ve brought together some top tips to help voluntary and community groups get the most from shops, gathered from the experiences of our members and from our expert advisors.

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