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How Can Hosting a Themed Fundraiser Help You Achieve Your Goal

Looking for a way to gather some money for a good cause? Well, why not host a fundraiser then. 


Looking for a way to gather some money for a good cause? Well, why not host a fundraiser then. Fundraisers are a great way to gather money for all sorts of different causes since people are more likely to donate money when they are within a group, having loads of fun.

Fundraisers with a unifying theme of the event are particularly popular among donors. It can be an Oscars-themed night, like the ones hosted by Fundraising Events, '80s night, Under the Sea theme, a Casino night and many more imaginative themes. But whatever topic you choose for your fundraiser, make sure to follow these tips and tricks that will help you make your themed fundraiser more pleasurable – and more profitable.

Have Special Discounts for Ticket Sales

Every person rich or poor loves a discount. So to boost the ticket sales, it might be a good idea to arrange a few discounts along the way. For example, have an early bird discount, for people who register within the first two weeks of the announcement of the event. Or have two-for-one discounts for couples and friends.

Tickets sales are one of the main ways to gather funds, which is why it’s good to think about various ticket-selling techniques. After all, if people don't buy tickets for your event, they won't show up and the whole thing will be a failure.

Incorporate a Fundraiser Game

Themed fundraisers offer plenty of opportunities to organise games that will not only entertain your guests, but also inspire them to donate. For example, if you are hosting an '80s-themed party, you can incorporate a disco dance-off with prizes for the best individual dancer or couple. A casino-themed party offers plenty of opportunities for game inclusion – from blackjack and poker to roulette and slots.

Host a Raffle

Raffles are a popular way to raise funds on themed fundraisers as many people want to gamble and test their luck. Raffle tickets can range anywhere from just a few dollars up to several hundred dollars depending on the prizes. The prizes should be something that everybody needs or that everybody wants, like a big-screen TV or a fancy watch. Approximately 25% of people who attend fundraisers tend to purchase raffle tickets, so the raffle tickets proceeds can amount to a hefty sum.

Find Sponsors

Ticket sales are often not enough to raise all the money you need. Most fundraisers require the help of sponsors to reach the final goal. To find businesses that will be interested in sponsoring a fundraiser, get in contact with the companies who would have an interest in donating to your cause.

For example, if you are planning an ocean-themed fundraiser to raise attention about pollution, an international cruiser company can be a way to go. Corporations in the US spend 17 billion dollars every year on corporate sponsorships. And if you play your cards right, you just might be the one to get a piece of those 17 billion dollars.

Host a Live Auction

A live auction will enable you to gather more funds than you ever imagined. People and companies love giving their products to charity auctions since this is a great promotion for them as well. You can work with local artists to gather a bunch of artworks to be auctioned at the live event or ask companies to participate by giving out donations.

Then auction them off with the help of a professional auctioneer. Though it may seem needless at first, professionals are trained to squeeze every last penny from potential donors, and that’s exactly the skill you are going to need if you want your fundraiser to turn into a success.

Enable Online Donation

Not everyone who wants to support your goals will be able to attend your fundraiser. That’s why it’s a good idea to spread the word about your fundraiser online and find a way to let people donate. One way to do that is to create a special website for your fundraiser with instructions enabling people to donate via their credit card.

Also, you can set up a campaign enabling people to donate via SMS, or better yet, use a mobile giveaway app for easier donations. Text-to-donate and mobile apps have been all the rage in recent years and the trend is expected to continue in the years to come. Also, you can take a moment from the fundraiser itself to invite your guests to take out their smartphones and donate via SMS on the fundraiser itself.

Themed fundraising events are fun to attend, and people like giving money to charity when they are having fun. That’s why you should make sure to make your fundraising as entertaining as possible. These are just some of the ways you can employ to make your charity a little bit more fun, and a lot more profitable.


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