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How Live Chat Improves Your Customer Service?

Live Chat  as the good chance to improve your service in 2018


Live chat has become an increasingly popular avenue for companies and their customers to interact when there are issues or questions. And, in recent surveys, the follow stats speak this loudly and clearly:
• 73% of people who have used live chat features state that their experience was a good one
• 61% who used email said they were satisfied
• Only 44% expressed satisfaction with telephone customer service experiences
The reason for greater satisfaction with live chat is that customers want immediate answers to their questions and do not want to have to sit on hold, wait for an email response, and they really do not want to have to work to get those answers.

Why You Should Use Live Chat
If you have not yet installed live chat on your website, you need to consider it seriously. Chances are your competition has it, and their customers are happily using it. Here are the benefits to your business:

1. Better Meet Consumer Expectations
You can design a great website and think that you have everything neatly packaged so that a customer can navigate easily and understand everything about the products or services you are selling. If and when a customer has a question about your product, how can he get the answer? If you have a live chat feature, that answer can be provided quickly, and the customer can move forward, hopefully making a purchase.

2.Customer Service Agents Are More Productive
Telephone agents can only speak with one person at a time while others sit on hold waiting. Chat agents can handle several conversations at one time, moving back and forth among customers. Especially when the chats do not deal with complicated issues, an agent can potentially serve 3-4 customers at the same time.

3.Live Chat Tools Reduce Amount of Time Per Customer
When a customer uses live chat, the agent can use monitoring tools that will show what pages the customer has visited, what page the customer is currently on, the customer’s account details, etc. All of these things give the agent key information as s/he works with that customer.

4.Reduced Costs for You
More customers can be served at one time with fewer resources. Live chat is a cheaper option than telephone service/lines, and the software setup does not require high technical know-how. Many businesses now use a cloud-based service and have no additional hardware and software costs – just the monthly subscription fee. It is the provider’s responsibility to support the server and maintain the platform.

5.Better Customer Engagement and Relationships
Successful businesses know that today’s consumer wants a relationship with the companies he does business with. It’s hard to establish that relationship through an online presence. But live chat can go a long way to do this, giving the customer a personal interaction with a live person who represents the company. And, if the software used includes a picture of the agent, even better. Now the customer can put a face on the person he’s talking too. Another optional feature is the ability of an agent to invite a visitor to a live chat session through a popup greeting box.

6.More Conversions
If you have the right agents on board – people who are enthusiastic, friendly and genuinely helpful, they can almost “double” as salespersons. They can make suggestions and actually close sales, even walking the customer through the ordering and checkout process if necessary.

Some Examples of How Successful Live Chat is Used
1. Crush Fit, a comprehensive fitness, and nutritional enterprise sell many products on its site. Customers naturally have questions. Once the company put in a live chat feature, it began to see a steady uptick in sales. Now it claims to convert nine out of every 10 consumers that make contact through live chat.

2. Most all online translation services have live chat features. Suppose, for example, a customer needs diploma translation services. They may need a certified written translation for employment in a foreign country; other customers may need a service that will translate to multiple languages or a quick translation for an urgent need. They will utilize a live chat feature to discover what types of services they can actually get – translating documents is not something that all services do.

3. Betterment is an online investment service. They use a proactive chat invitation to everyone who signs up for a new account. Advisors are on hand to give instant answers as well as highly personalized advice to all new clients.

4.    Petplan, a pet health insurance company has put a live chat feature right on its Facebook age. Interested consumers can chat live with agents without ever leaving Facebook.

Some Best Practices to Keep in Mind
1.Have Clear Goals
What is it you want to accomplish? Be specific. If your product has some complexity (e.g., a piece of software), then your goal may be to ensure that potential understand all of its features. In this case, you will need to train your agents for that specific goal.

2. Schedule Agents Based On High Traffic Times
Before you do any scheduling of staff, make sure that you have a clear picture of traffic patterns. This will allow you to schedule correctly so that customers will not have wait times. If you will not be open 24 hours a day, then carefully post the hours for live chat. Also, set up an autoresponder if a customer should contact during non-time hours.

3. Invite Customers to Chat
You can’t just have a live chat and offer a link to a couple of places. The best means to be proactive is to have a popup box that invites visitors to a chat and that has a question.

4.Track Your Results
You can’t improve your live chat if you don’t track how it is working. Drill into what isn’t working. You might need to re-train agents; you might need to change your scheduling; you may need to be more inviting in your popup. All of these changes you can make and then test for effectiveness.

As competitive as online business is becoming, companies need all of the tools they can find to provide amazing customer service. Given the statistics, it certainly seems that live chat is becoming the preferred method of customers contacting companies they may want to do business with.


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