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How tHow to Invest in Building a Strong Team and Why That Is Important

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Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people. – Steve Jobs

Australia is one of the largest mixed market economies in the world with a constantly growing business sector. While that is definitely a good thing for the country’s economy, it does pose many challenges for modern Australian companies seeking to rise above the competition and remain profitable. The most important assets those companies have are their teams, and by investing in the cooperation and understanding between team members, businesses can achieve their primary goal of staying competitive. In the following text, we’ll further elaborate upon the importance of team-building, and give you a few ideas for excellent team-building activities



What do you get by investing in team-building?

Imagine a group of people that need to get one task done, and they don’t know how to communicate to each other. This can lead to misunderstanding, arguments, mistakes, and, all in all, a poorly executed task. If this happens every day, your profit will definitely suffer. Investing in making that team stronger and more functional is, therefore, the most crucial investment you can make. Here are some fantastic benefits for your business:

  • Improved communication is the quintessential benefit of team-building activities because it helps with breaking down the barriers between individual team members through group participation.
  • Team-building activities help the employees find their place in a team and develop their role. That way, everyone can focus on things they do best.
  • Some team-building activities help the individuals discover and develop new skills (e.g. leadership), which is certainly a welcome bonus for the company.
  • Working together on a task that can be challenging, but also fun, teaches the employees to collaborate and work together with a joint goal.
  • Team-building programs can be designed to focus on results. For example, managers can organize a team-building activity with the goal of creating a new marketing strategy.
  • Team-building activities are a great way to reinforce company values, especially if they’re focused on social responsibility.

A team that travels together, stays together

Travelling may be the most profitable team-building activity. Sure, it does require investing some money, but the location doesn’t have to be exotic or luxurious. The point is for your team to be together in an extraordinary situation and a place far from their office, so that they can get to know each other better and learn to be more tolerant and collaborative. Renting a bus from Canberra to Sydney costs next to nothing compared to the benefits you might get if your employees are given a chance to spend some time together in the capital, get to know the history of the country and connect on a deeper level.


United in the battle – united in the office

Not all team-building programs have to be rosy and cheerful, some of them can be challenging, difficult, but also fun. One of the latter ones is definitely paintball which promotes positive competitiveness, focus, decision-making, creating joint plans and strategies, as well as unwinding for a while so that they can be more productive tomorrow. Australia has hundreds of great paintball fields, so it will not be difficult to find one near your office. If you want to keep things cleaner and less painful, you can opt for laser-tag instead of paintball.


From escaping together to succeeding together

Escape rooms have become incredibly popular in Australia, and while they are primarily used by groups of friends seeking for a way to entertain themselves, they are also a good chance for team-building. The idea behind the escape rooms is locking a group of people in one room and giving them clues they need to figure out so they can exit the room. Because of all of this, individuals learn to brainstorm together and to cooperate.


Inspiring creativity and imagination

Creativity is very important, especially in some lines of work. To inspire it, you can organize team-building activities that encourage employees to come up with unique ideas and create something that can represent your company or serve as a reminder of their unity. That can be making a short movie together. Just provide them with the necessary equipment and help them choose an appropriate location. Fortunately, Australia is packed with stunning locations for shooting. Also, they can do a photography project, or a similar creative activity.


Helping others helps everyone

As we already mentioned, team-building programs can be used to reinforce and promote company values. Volunteering as a team helps improve individuals as persons and empowers self-growth. On the other hand, it also makes the world a better place and it is a phenomenal, free marketing campaign for your company. It’s a win-win situation.

A good team is one of the most basic prerequisites for a successful business. But a good team isn’t made overnight. It takes time, effort and inventiveness to build a team that can take your company to the top, so start now. 


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