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How to 4 Ways for Non-Profits to Attract and Retain Top Talents

Working as Non-Profit organizations still requires us to gain the best talents we can possibly get. While it might be difficult, it is far from impossible. Here are 4 smart ways how Non-Profits can attract and retain top talents.



There are over 1.5 million tax-exempt Non-Profit organisations in the USA alone and as of 2016 Australia has reported the largest number of charities per capita in its history. These figures show that Non-Profit organisations play an inseparable role in modern societies worldwide and the interest in the work of NPOs is constantly growing. Still, many organisations struggle to attract and retain talent. In order to build a team of the best and the brightest, Non-Profit organisations need to go to extra lengths to create positions that can compete with high-paying corporate jobs. Here are 4 proven ways to succeed.


The strengths

Total giving to charitable organisations amounted to $390.05 billion in 2016 standing for 2.1% of the US GDP, which shows an enormous interest in the work of NPOs. One way to attract top talent is to show your organisation from its best side. You probably already have a functional website, therefore try to make it as informative and user-friendly as possible, because it often is the first point of reference for your prospective employees and volunteers. The website should clearly state your core values and list all successful projects to appeal to the ambitious crowd. Also, think about listing your affiliates and partners, as networking is a crucial element of employee self-development and building personal brand.


Job offers

There are many ways your company can advertise that it is looking for new employees. Word of mouth is a popular strategy for Non-Profit employee recruitment. Many organisations also post job offers on online job boards or social media fanpages. In order to make sure to attract dedicated employees, you may also want to consider participating in Volunteers' Week by delivering a panel or organising Q&A session so that prospects can get to know your Non-Profit a little bit better.


Employee Benefits

About 62.8 million people volunteered between 2013 and 2014 in the USA. This means that over 25% of country's population took part in various volunteering projects. This also means that there are millions of talented and passionate individuals looking for employment opportunities in the Non-Profit sector. But do bear in mind that the competition on the market for the best employees is fierce, therefore focus on the things your company has to offer. Apart from regular salary, health insurance and retirement plans, think about the factors that have real impact on work-life balance of your employees. Even with limited financial resources you can offer attractive benefits, such as flexible work time, telecommuting opportunities, on-site childcare, legal advisory service, affordable meal options and fitness memberships.


Personal development opportunities

Individual development plan of each employee is as important as corporate strategy for the upcoming years. No matter what cause your Non-Profit supports, there should always be the place for personal growth and professional development. Common factor that drives the best employees is aspiration to reach for more demanding tasks. In order to retain your top talent, dedicate some time to get to know your employees. One simple way to do that is to set up regular one-on-one meetings to discuss what motivates your employees and to provide constructive work-related feedback. It is also the best opportunity to work out a development plan, featuring projects that will help employees not only build up their skill set, but also expand their professional interests.



Non-Profits need to work harder than corporations in order to attract and retain top talent, as they often cannot afford commercial-level salaries. Nevertheless, they can offer strategic development opportunities and priceless benefits that impact the life and work significantly, thus becoming attractive for prospective employees.


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