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How to adjust your customer support strategies for peak and off-seasons

Angry and dissatisfied are like time-ticking bombs for any business. And to a businessperson who doesn’t know how to handle client’s needs, expectations, or inquiries, anything else in the name of profiteering will be like chasing a wild goose. It means customer support desk cultivate strategies that work for both peak and off-peak seasons.

In this post, you are going to learn how to take charge and stay on top of customer support during seasonal slumps and remain afloat even when buying spree is at its all-time low. 


Customers are here to stay

Clients are the mainstay of any business. If it was not the case, there wouldn’t be a need to run an online store like eBay in the first place. The question is, is sending an apology note enough to solve customer-service related issues?

Delivery customer support during the high season: General guidelines

According to Caroline Henderson; the head of customer support department at Thesis Rush, customers expect the best any day. With the following proven techniques, you should able to satisfy the needs of customers in the most personalized manner:

Why and how to plan your peak strategy ahead

Planning for the boom season is something you are not going to ignore and expect to have a satisfied clientele. Why is this important? Well, businesses that have done poorly before when handling customers face even worse situations without experience-based forecasting. Now, to plan for the holidays, a look at past performance data, including customer experience ratings and online reviews will help seal glaring loopholes in the service desk.

How to meet customer expectations during peak season

With so many inquiries bound to happen during the boom that some may be overlooked, strategizing on how to meet the expectations of every client is important. It is all about the personalized approach to each and every client’s query. Triaging, which is categorizing issues so that each support staff has something to deal with, enhances the speed of service delivery.

  • Multi-Channelling as an efficient strategy

Handling many customers at the same time using a single channel can be time-consuming. Multi-channelling, a strategy that involves the application of different levels of interactions becomes necessary. While it is imperative to direct clients to FAQs where they can find some answers to some of their queries, having a social media messaging platform is another way of improving efficiency in handling client queries. Also, live chat messaging or video chat, email correspondence and Hotlines will further make things easier.

  • Empowering your customer support to get the job done

Customer support agents need your trust to dispense their duties effectively. But the question is; how do you make them set for the peak season? Well, there is need to hire people who are qualified, provide them with vocational training and access to the right content and information. This way, they are able to handle a plethora of clients’ requests, complaints, and inquiries with expertise and speed.

  • Make a thorough industry analysis

The primary objective of a business is to keep a track of the constant transitions of the industry culture and situation. Before you dive into managing the customer support protocols, you have to know your competitors’ strategies and understand the nature of the customers. So make sure you’re conducting a thorough industry analysis to make sure your promotional strategies and approaches are suitable enough to grab more customers on your platform.

Techniques for Specific Situations

Situation one: Halloween customer service strategy

If during Halloween, your business delivers the wrong costume to a customer, things may become combative when the buyer comes back guns blazing and you probably do not want things to get messier than that. So, what do you do? Well, you can better experience of customers in such situations in the following ways:

  1. Give a refund. This will help rid them of a mentality that you are after their money

  2. Follow it with an apology note/email explain why such an incident took place

  3. Be polite. A lot of complaints can enrage but it takes professional service desk to remain sober

  4. It is the age of the customer so engage them through social media for a more personalized attention and a show of concern for their needs and emotions. In this age of information overload, customers know what they want and where to get it. Short-changing them may only worsen things and make you look stupid. You would even be shocked they know more than you do in the case of unqualified support desk personnel. That will leave you with a rotten egg on the face.

Situation Two: Black Friday customer service strategy

Black Friday always marks the beginning of a shopping spree. It is a buying season shortly after Halloween, during which online retails stores like Amazon handle thousands of orders from around the world. So, what makes a competent customer support to take care of inquiries or complaints during this period?

Well, clients will be expecting huge discounts on products and the huge influx of buyers usually extends into Cyber Monday. The following tips will work magic should thus help you enhance customer experience:

  1. Have a well-trained staff on standby. It takes quality staffing to handle overcome Black Friday challenges and even smile amidst hefty product dispatch tasks and personalized services.

  2. Provide clients with extras such as snacks, comfort seats in resting bays and eye-catching product packages

  3. Tell clients more about your products. Storytelling about products has become a useful approach to customer satisfaction and with social media; there is no limit to how much you can do.

Situation Three: Summer Holiday Bookings

Summer marks a boom season in the service industry. Inquiries about holiday packages skyrocket and anyone plying the trade of tourism wouldn’t want to lose potential clients because of unprofessional customer service ethics.

Here are tips that will help improve customer experience:

  1. A strong online presence will keep the wheels of a business grinding. Make use of social media to speed up hotel bookings and other inquiries

  2. Professional staff with outstanding business communication skills will help handle tons of inquiries. Having the work in shifts will prevent a slump in bookings.

Off-season customer support strategies

There are off-peak days when even agencies that help students to do homework have to adjust to a slump in paper orders. It is imperative to employ working techniques for customer support during such times. The following tips should help you get along:

Take advantage of free time for professional development

Assuredly, there will be days when there is little to do in the tourist business. Bookings will be few. It is always an opportunity to up the game of service delivery. Therefore, training sessions, seminars, and conferences will go a long way in enhancing the professional development of client handlers.

Customize roles to improve efficiency

An online store sells a number of products. It means, not everyone in the support desk is capable of handling customer inquiries regarding every item. It is important to customize service delivery by dividing personnel into different skill sets. Assign client handlers different roles that suit their know-how, skills, and training to boost efficiency during low seasons.




  • Prepare for the next peak season

Things may have been a bit different contrary to your expectations during the last peak season. It could be because support staff was ill-prepared for huge amounts of orders and endless queries. Or maybe clients are expecting a different and whole new level of experience in future. It may include provision for e-bills and other advanced services. Preparations for the next boom should take these into consideration for timely implementation.

The Bottom Line

Businesses rely on the loyalty of customers to spur growth and development. Without an effective customer care desk to look into the needs of clients, handle their expectations and deliver on promises, everything remains a white elephant. 


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