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How to Best Use Technology to Raise Funds

Asking people for money every year to support a cause, albeit noble, is not the easiest thing. Some organisations have taken a step in a different direction by incorporating the use of technology when raising funds. Read more and find out.


For the longest time, non-governmental and nonprofits organisations have relied on donations to run their activities. While some organisations have worked hard to diversify their sources of income, a bulk of the money they use is still sourced from willing donors. Asking people for money every year to support a cause, albeit noble, is not the easiest thing. Some organisations have taken a step in a different direction by incorporating the use of technology when raising funds.

Technology as a fundraising tool allows you to target more people and involve a younger generation. If you have been brainstorming how you can use technology at your organisation, here are some tips to get you started:

Understand the Various Avenues at Your Disposal

Technology comes in different forms, and there are a couple of options you can use to raise money. The best among these options is the internet. As a nonprofit organisation, you have to invest in constituent relationship management software. This allows you to have all the profiles of your donors and staff in one place for easy monitoring. Additionally, it makes it easier for you to track and receive donations and to send out your appreciation.

Another option that is quickly gaining popularity is the use of crowdfunding. Here you create a profile on a crowdfunding platform, and people donate to your cause. This is widely being used by startups and is something worth trying.

Other than the internet, various charities and nonprofits have also been using contactless donation options. These allow people to tap or swipe their credit cards against a device, and donate to your cause. Even better, there are a variety of devices you can use for this.

Get the Software Customised for You

There are a variety of software options from which you can choose. However, to get a perfect fit, you are better off getting something customised. Most giving tools, CRM software, and even marketing software allow customisation. To do this, you need to sit with your team and decide precisely how you want your platform to look and run. From here, you will need an IT expert to handle the customisation for you. Personalising your platforms shows donors you are willing to go the extra mile and in turn pushes them to do the same.

Build an Application for Your Organisation

There are applications for almost everything under the sun. With the amount of time people spend on their phones, having an app for your organisation may be one of the smartest moves you can make. Developing an application is not a walk in the park, and this is why you will need professional help.  Mobile phone apps are typically straightforward and easy to use. Therefore, any time someone wants to make a donation, they can merely scroll through their phone and after a few taps the money is sent to your account.

Use Links

Any written content you send out is a chance to embed a link for an online donation. Links can be put in emails, blogs, and social media posts. They should be easy to find and follow, and generally around a call to action.

Consider Using Cryptocurrency

 A few years ago, no financial expert would have accepted payment or donations in cryptocurrency. However, this form of currency has grown and gained popularity and legitimacy. If your foundation wants to attract and retain a young generation of donors, then you need to understand how cryptocurrency works. Additionally, you need to have an avenue that allows you to transact with cryptocurrency.

Digital Wallet Platforms

The world is quickly going paperless, and almost everyone has a credit card these days.  People find this mode of payment quick and convenient. Therefore, you must incorporate it in your fundraising plans. They are also ideal for people who crave a level of anonymity because they can make their donations, without having to fill in and sign any paperwork.

Make Use of Audio and Video

To get people to give money, they need to understand and believe in your cause. This is where blogging and vlogging come in handy. By putting out content about your organisation, you enable people to peek into your world. Some people may view this as a marketing tool, but it is also an excellent way to disseminate information. People who watch or listen to your content may also give you feedback in the form of suggestions. This allows you to communicate and build relationships with them.


Technology can be your greatest asset. However, if things are not done correctly, it can just as easily complicate your life. Make sure that whichever avenue you choose to use is well researched, and ideal for both your organisation and your donors.


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