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How to Build a Successful Nonprofit Career

In almost all industries, there is an already determined path to any headship positions. The most realistic way for you to achieve a leadership position is by starting out as a summer intern and working your way up the ladder until you reach your desired position. This may take up to 30 years.

An example may be the president of Xerox, Ursula Burns; she came for the first time at Xerox in 1980 and worked for 30 years to become the first African-American President of the corporation.

Isn’t 30 years a long time? I don’t know about you, but for me, it seems like forever. The awesome thing about working in the non-profit sector is that in order to attain a leadership position, you don’t really have to work your butt off for 30 years.

That’s because the career advancement in the non-profit sector is not linear. It can happen much faster if you innovate your non-profit career. If you consider building a successful non-profit career, here are just a few ideas that might help you along the road.


Give 101% at Your Work

If you really want to get a leading position in your non-profit career, you should know that the first few years are crucial while trying to raise through promotions. In the very first few years, you should prove your worth. Always offer more than it’s expected from you. If you are asked to lead a certain project make sure that it will be perfect and on time.

Look at this job as your lifelong passion and do it with dedication and love. If you are asked to raise $50,000, raise $100,000. If you are requested to recruit 30 mentors, make sure to recruit 60. It’s simple. If you crave a leading position, make sure you take everything seriously and work as if it would be your own company. This is the only way to get yourself up to the ladder.


Become the Star of Your Company

The star of a company is someone who is extremely resourceful and chooses to leverage this trait for the benefit of the company. How? By bringing new investors and clients. The first step to make when you decide to work at a non-profit company is to look through your agenda and contact everyone who may be able to aid your non-profit organization in a way or another.

If you belong to any group, club, organization, brotherhood etc., don’t hesitate to contact them and ask for their help and dedication. If you are organizing events, make sure to place messages on Facebook and Twitter to increase the attendance at your event. Even more, you may ask local media and newspapers to come and support your cause. If you manage to make a major change in the company, your chances of occupying a leadership position will grow exponentially. 


Display a Jaw Dropping Resume

Keep in mind that your business card is your resume; therefore, you should put much time and dedication in writing your resume. In case you are busy and you just can’t manage to write your own resume.

Try to use Resumes Planet which is one of the best services that focus on creating jaw dropping resumes. Your CV must describe exactly who you are and which are your most essential qualities. Therefore, make sure to allow professionals to take care of your resume's development in the proper way. Is there anything else that is stopping you from getting your desired career?


Get In Contact With a Search Firm

If you are not really accustomed with non-profit search firms, you may want to contact them and let them know you’d like to become a part of a non-profit company. They will add you to their list of candidates and you’ll be one step closer to join a new company. If you consider yourself to be a talented communicator and someone who can handle stressful situations, don’t hesitate to contact a search firm.



We hope that this article motivated you enough to immediately start looking for a non-profit job. Remember. These kinds of jobs are not for everybody. These are jobs for people who want to dedicate their lives for the well-being of others. If you see yourself as a kind and enthusiastic individual, stop wasting your time and start working on your career at a non-profit company.


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