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How to connect to millennials as a nonprofit

Although we still think of Millennials as those kids who were born approximately ten years ago, here’s a little reality check: a large number of these “kids” are already either owners of their own companies or highly-positioned figures with big brands. Some of them even have families and kids. However, even though we’ve got the Gen Y now growing up and looking for authentic roles in the workplace to match, the generation that’s still setting the tone of almost all business dynamics is no one else but Millennials. To go anywhere with your business and make a positive impact, you need to go through Millennials first and see how the idea reads with them.

On that note, we’ll be discussing the best ways to connect with Millennials and lure them to your side.


Offer volunteer opportunities

It is no news that Millennials are all about making a positive impact, helping others and seeing beyond the material. Although many of them are still struggling with paying off student loans, working over 15 hours a day and having very little time for themselves, they’ll always find the time to help out.  Volunteer opportunities with a sensible cause are a smart way to engage millennials on a joint mission. If you stay relevant and the cause you are about is legitimate, have no doubt Millennials will stay loyal to your organization.


Engage their minds and souls

If you want a Millennial 100% committed to their job, keep them occupied with an extensive number of activities that go beyond their work tasks, like organizing volunteering actions together, team building activities, projects whose end goal is donating money to charity, etc. Speak to their minds and souls, talk about higher causes and act on them. Be human, show you care. If you have a new hire, offer to show them around town or give them pointers where to eat, shop and go to the doctor’s in case they need it. Encourage a human-friendly atmosphere at your workplace because Millennials are sick of capitalist/corporate inhumane treatments.


Find millennials through digital ads

Targeted awareness outreach to millennials is best done through their favorite social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The smartest way to target is by age, interests, political leanings, and tons of other options. Make sure your forms are optimized as otherwise they won’t be reaching the desired audience. Choose an SEO expert or agency whose reputation precedes them: we regularly turn to the reliable SEO agency in Hong Kong since we’ve collaborated for years and have never failed to get fantastic results. Once you’ve reached your audience through SEO, use these networks to connect with your Millennials and discuss what you need discussed. Your forms should be optimized for mobile, as most Millennials either work remotely or spend a lot of their free time on mobile phones. Hence, a mobile-friendly form is a must (all sign-up forms, content and donation pages must be optimized).


Meet them where they are

Millennials are known to have developed a number of communication methods over the years all of which surpass the traditional voicemail and email. Although email is still not completely redundant, Millennials like to opt for more engaging communicative methods like text messages, videos, snaps and similar. These types of “messages” are helpful and invite feedback, and they lead to a longer dialogue. For that, if you meet millennials where they are in terms of the way you communicate, you’ll be sure to score.


Put the focus on relationships

It is no surprise that Millennials impulse-buy. A number of research reports that 39% Millennials shop for fun while 47% of Millennials admit impulse purchasing. Although the problem with reckless purchasing goes way deeper than tackling the (im)morality of unnecessary spending, the good side of things is that Millennials “donate to NPOs the same way they shop – impulsively”. Anything done on impulse can cause a string of regrets, which could then create a problem for the NPOs. However, if you create a bond with your Millennial investors, they’ll know their impulse donation was for the good cause and for the NPO they feel is family. Create relationships with them, volunteer together, organize meetings where you brainstorm potentially great moves, etc. Next time they decide to donate, you’ll probably be at the top of the list.

Further information

Closely engaging with Millennials, you need to know they are a smart group that’s seen most of it and they won’t let you trick them into anything they don’t want. So, if your cause is genuine, you’ll benefit from the tips above and be recognized within the group. But, anything even resembling fraud will have you hang from the wall of shame. It’s your call.


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